Friday, May 20, 2005


Officer fires gun in school parking lot

`Riding with a friend in a white Mazda 6 sedan, Eric Clifton, a former Palo Verde student, zipped through the parking lot looking for girls, he said.

When the teens pulled to the front of the school, an officer approached and told them to stop, but Clifton’s friend ignored the order and drove away, he said. [..]

At one point, an officer threw his bicycle in front of the car, which dragged the bike about 40 feet before getting stuck on a speed bump in the middle of the aisle, witnesses said.

Clifton said his friend put the car in reverse to try to free the bicycle, and that’s when one of the officers fired. [..]

[A student] said she had to dodge the speeding car, yet she questioned the officer’s decision to fire in the bustling parking lot.

“I definitely don’t think it was necessary to shoot at the car when there were that many students around,” she said.’

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