Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Battle of the backstage egos

`While they preached charity and love on stage at Live8, the celebrity backstage area was all about warring egos.

Major-league musicians were crammed, along with a host of celebrities major and minor, into an area of only 150 square feet – leading to the inevitable trodden-on toes and bruised feelings.’

There’s something about being famous that rots your brain, I think. The only thing that was any good was Pink Floyd. 🙂

`Nick Mason revealed how the band ‘eyeballed each other’ as they prepared for their first gig in 24 years ‘in a slightly alarming way’ but compared the reunion to ‘riding a bike’. Dave Gilmour, meanwhile, said it was ‘a bit like sleeping with your ex-wife’. Both ruled out any further reunions.’

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