Sunday, September 4, 2005


LMOS – the Last Measure Operating System

`LMOS is a minimalist operating system targetting multimedia presentations, written with simplicity in mind. Due to its tiny x86 assembly core, it easily fits on a standard floppy: just write LMOS and your pictures to a CD or floppy, and it will boot and play on any IBM-PC compatible computer. [..]

The default LMOS theme contains the following images, which are amongst the most famous shock images available on the Internet:

* hello.jpg (as seen on
* tub.jpg (as seen on
* loopback.jpg (as seen on
* harlequin.jpg
* pooped.jpg (as seen on
* pillowfight.jpg
* lemonparty.jpg (as seen on

The default LMOS background music is the famous “HEY EVERYBODY, IíM LOOKING AT GAY PORNO” sample.’

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