Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Soldier tried fake mouth-bomb in heist

`An Army sergeant based at Fort Huachuca walked into a bank Monday, his mouth covered in duct tape, and presented a note saying he had a bomb in his mouth, police said. [..]

The officers “rushed the suspect,” took him into custody, walked him to a metal rail fence away from other people, handcuffed him to one of the rails and backed away. They recognized him by the tape on his mouth, Robinson said. [..]

A bomb squad robot removed the tape. Robinson said once the tape was taken off, Lewis spat out an unidentified object, which was not an explosive device.’

with a photo of the robot taking the tape off. It looks like it could pull his whole face of, if it wanted to. Actually, it kinda looks like it does want to rip his whole face off. 🙂

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