Saturday, October 8, 2005


SkortMan – men’s skirts, boy’s skirts, skirts for men, minikilts.

`Men’s Skirts. This is an era of gender equality. In some households, it’s the women who wear the pants. Why, then, aren’t more men showing off their legs in skirts? [..]

They’re breezy, they’re sexy and they’re easy to wear. So why, asks an exhibition in New York, don’t men wear skirts? Imagine the next man you see wearing a skirt. Not a kilt, sarong or kaften but a pencil skirt to just above the knee. Everything else he is wearing will be from his regular wardrobe, maybe a sweatshirt and some bashed-up trainers, or a shirt, tie and brogues. It doesn’t work, does it?’

The guy in the photos seems to think it works. [shrug] I dunno.

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