Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Neighbours drug, drink claims

`It was not uncommon for actors on the popular TV soap Neighbours to turn up to work hung-over from drugs or alcohol, a court was told today.

The allegation was made on the third day of a Victorian Supreme Court civil action in which former Neighbours star Shane Connor is suing Grundy Television over his dismissal in September 2003. [..]

When asked by Mr Connor’s lawyer Dyson Hore-Lacy whether he had seen anyone affected by a drug or alcohol hangover on the Neighbours set, he replied: “Yes I have on many occasions, it’s not uncommon for cast members to turn up in that state.”

When asked what he had observed in the show’s “green-room” he said: “You usually see it within some of the younger cast members turning up hung-over or (with) dilated pupils… as a result of drugs or alcohol,” Mr Bunyan told the court.’

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