Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Mom Sues After 5-Year-Old Allegedly Served Long Island Iced Tea

`A mother in New York is suing an Applebee’s restaurant after her 5-year-old son was allegedly served a Long Island Iced Tea instead of apple juice. [..]

Pereles said she did not realize her son was drinking a concoction of white rum, gin, vodka, triple sec, Coke and sweet-and-sour mix until it was too late. The boy’s eyes became glazed and he began to laugh uncontrollably, according to a report.

“When you’re looking at your 5-year-old and you’re asking him, quiet down Seth, sit still and you see that mentally and physically he cannot comply with what you’re asking him to do because he is under the influence,” Pereles said.’

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