Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The DIY Multi-Level Desk

`I did a measurement of everything in my bedroom, and put them into Illustrator to get an idea of how much space I had to work with. I wanted to accomplish a few goals:
+ Hold 3 monitors on a shelf, as big as 21 inches each.
+ Support the weight of three 21 in monitors.
+ Hold a Home Theater Receiver, DVD player, and at least 2 other components (Laserdisc, VCR, PS2, N64 etc) under the shelf.
+ Hold a Mini-Fridge.
+ Hold my printer.
+ Hold at least 3 systems, possibly in rackmount cases.
+ Have enough desk space to rest a book or 3-ring binder.
+ Have enough space to rest my arms when using the keyboard (I HATE keyboard trays).
+ Space to mount 2 UPS units.
+ Fit within the 70 inches available in the corner of my room.
+ Efficiently utilize as much wood as possible while cutting down on waste.
+ Perhaps most important, it has to be easily disassembled since I am moving in a few months’

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