Sunday, May 21, 2006


Grandma’s Sex Museum

`Miami’s South Beach is famously sexy. Everywhere you look there’s glistening, touchable skin, and every impulse that goes with it. But some of SoBe’s steamiest scenes aren’t in the clubs. Lots of images — naked celebrities, people doin’ it with game birds and women straddling airplanes — gather in a more discreet location, overseen by a 71-year-old grandmother.

On a corner building in the heart of South Beach, a small neon sign quietly advertises the “World Erotic Art Museum,” and inside is most of the $10 million erotic art collection of Naomi Wilzig, who has been hunting down images of our glorious sex lives for the past 15 years. She used to collect garden-variety antiques until that fateful day when her son asked her to find something a little more blue — not in color — for his apartment. She took up the challenge and found a new thrill in the world of sexy old things.’

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