Saturday, December 2, 2006


Could this be the new Da Vinci code?

`* This was painted by a person with a rare and severe mental disorder. He was constantly seeing his own fantasies all around him. He also had a certain phobia (undisclosed).

* His (the posterís) psychiatry professor showed this painting in a lecture, and said there was one tell-tale sign in it that showed the painterís insanity.

* The professor didnít say what that sign was, leaving the students to do the guesswork. The only clues he gave was, ďdonít look for small details, look at the whole; if you figure out what the phobia was, youíve got the answer; ask yourself what could have preceded this scene; think of what the place would look like with all the objects removedď.

* The professor said that during the 15 years of his teaching, only one student had figured it out.’

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