Thursday, January 25, 2007



It’s like YouTube, but for bestiality.

People are strange.

.. also, if you like BeastTube, you might also like Petlust Videos and Mr Hands. And don’t forget to check out the main page for more good stuff.

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  1. gavata Says:

    i love animal

  2. LauraMaire Says:–stray-x-the-record

    Enjoy 🙂

  3. animalsex Says:


  4. Lim Says:

    It has a daily restriction.
    Free account can’t view full video online, but can download.
    Not all of videos downloadable (looks like because target site video unavailable), but lot’s of them there are.

  5. malaysiapeach Says:

    hi guys….or ladies here?:)try this

  6. video zoophilie extreme Says:

    Hey ! Enjoy!!

  7. Shwag Says:

    femefun is alright, it has a bit of everything.
    You have to pause the videos and let them load tho,
    but if you’re interested look for the numbered vids,
    and check out what the user has uploaded.

    Press the username, then show all.

    Gotta live it up b4 the apocolypse. 🙂

  8. animalfan Says:

    no torrent but a nice site!

  9. animalfan Says:

  10. tacks Says:

    hi folks,

    it’s about time that i give something back. Here is an excellent site, in my opinion.

    fewer “dead links” more full length beastiality less “false leads” to “pay to see the full lenth” nonsense less “bait and switch” nonsense advertising

    see what you think



  11. tacks Says:


    Anyone try it? the above link? lots of streaming vids. don’t have to worry about downloading any viruses.

    a little feedback, please?



  12. Absol Says:

    You could try as well. It’s not the best site, but it’s better than nothing, and they have a bit of variety in their selection (i.e. there’s more than just woman-with-dog/horse.)
    There’s a lot of “private” videos on there, though, which sucks. You also have to “get a premium account” to watch the longer videos, which also sucks, but it’s par for the course these days. OTZ
    I think of most interest to people are their forums and chatroom, though. They actually have a community~

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  15. S Says:

    If you dont mind torrents

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  18. Fuck Pretenious People Says:

    All these “Upstanding people” That are offended by it.. Um, yeah. HOw did they find out about it? Unless they where searching for it. FAIL!

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