Thursday, January 25, 2007



It’s like YouTube, but for bestiality.

People are strange.

.. also, if you like BeastTube, you might also like Petlust Videos and Mr Hands. And don’t forget to check out the main page for more good stuff.

313 Responses to “BeastTube”

  1. Z Says:

    The best thing about this is that the first video I opened was a bunch of Australians with a labrador.

    First Howard, now this..

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    I didn’t know your mother owned a labrador. :)

  3. Animal Lover Says:

    I think these sites are great and would love to meet more women who like to fuck thier animals

  4. moonbuggy Says:

    You should meet Z’s mother. :)

  5. Incognito Says:

    The link to beasttube redirects to
    What is that all about?

  6. Pissed Guy Says:

    Good question, what the fuck happened to beasttube??? vho sucks…

  7. Pissed off Gal Says:

    Does anyone know where Beasttube went, has it been shutdown?????????? VHO does suck…big time

  8. What the hell! Says:

    Where’s my Beasttube? The fuck is with VHO?

    No fair… I loved that site so much!

  9. WTF mate Says:

    I don’t know what happened, but I’m really pissed off. First ZooSkool, now Beasttube?!

    Does anyone have a link to that Oddworld guy’s site, I always got it from BT….

  10. ptolemy Says:

  11. afrodite Says:

    Thanks ptolemy! but it’s not quite as good as beasttube….anyone know of any others?

  12. seru Says:

    yea they got shutdown, some peopel were signing this petition cuz they were “disgusted by” the sight… SO yea they successfuly got it shut down. (fuck u closed minded people)

  13. Kilo Says:

    wow, this really sucks. I can’t believe Beasttube actually got shut down, and all because of a handful of closed minded bigots who were ‘disgusted’ by the site. What’s next? are they gonna proceed to hunt and take down more sites they think are ‘sick’ and ‘perverted’?
    What about the ones who DON’T find it sick or disgusting and who actually enjoyed the site? Why should they suffer just because a bunch of politically correct hicks get offended and ‘disgusted’?

    People really need to learn to mind their own fucking business.

  14. lurch Says:

    As usual the uptight self richous have had their way “because they think it disgusting”. First zoodating zooskool now beasttube. All we need now is 1986 and the thought police.

  15. Bummed Out Says:

    The people who shut down our Beasttube are visiting their 4 year old nieces with a video camera and a bottle of Astroglide, yet calling rape on sex with horses… similar to how US senators (ridiculously) fight to ban homosexuality, yet get caught soliciting gay sex in public restrooms. I know, big difference between zoosexuality and pedophilia, but my point is that we have (true) PERVERTS calling others perverted.

    Fuck double standards!

    Hey, guess what… animals BITE! A dog will RIP YOUR THROAT OUT if he don’t like what you’re doing and horses will CRUSH YOU.

    I’ll never see a woman pounded by a dolphin again, and now I am sad, sad, sad…

  16. I hate society Says:

    almost every moral of society is corrupt by religious sins
    and its taught from generation to generation, and noone wants to be different


  17. Malligant Says:

    Hang on, .. to actually be disgusted by the site, you have to visit it and watch stuff on it..

    So.. what were these upstanding people doing on it in the first place?

  18. I hate society Says:


  19. noone Says:

  20. Wodan Says:

    And what about Zooskool? does anyone know?
    B.t.w. that not quite the same as beasttube!
    This really sucks!
    And what indeed were those “upstanding people” doing on a site like that?
    They are such hypocrits…
    its ok to lock them up and strip them of their skin so we can wear it,
    but you’re not supposed to give them sexual pleasure!
    it’s ok to transport them on mass in trucks that are to small for the job,
    but you’re not supposed to love them as much as you can…..
    Humans? i’ll probably will never really understand them…
    Which is one of the reasons for my affection wth animals, they’re honest!

  21. me Says:

    Hey did you really saw a woman fucked by a dolphin? y saw a man sucking a dolphin dick but not a real fuck action human dolphin.. anyone has that link or some of that?

  22. me Says:

    No dolphins in zootube365!!! oh shit!!!

  23. cruel intentions Says:

    The motherfucker who censor this like this must be flayed alive. If I could just out a bullet into each one of this uptight bigots I would be in heaven.

  24. Diti Says:

    I can post all dolphins videos I backed up on ZooTube365, but not today. moonbuggy, please, I need you to send me an e-mail tomorrow or after in order to keep the link in mind. I can’t note this website’s URL here. Thank you.

  25. A sad sad teddie Says:

    I never saw an animal on beastube that didn’t seem to enjoy what it was doing! I hope the ppl that had it banned DIE!!!! If they didn’t like it why do they go looking for such sites????

    Teddie is sad now :(

  26. Says:

    Send me some dolphin pr0n plz.

  27. lovesdogs Says:

    I miss zooskool, it was a nice place ,,it made a person like me feel normal…….and to accept myself, and to even open up to my partner…who turns out to have the same feelings as me..we both “love” dogs…wish we had another community like zooskool….

    here’s another link to a site that has some zoo porno..and a bunch of other stuff, I don’t care for but at least they have the doggie vids……

    later all……

  28. Evil Tediz Says:

    Thanx …im so happy i got a few site’s off you guys☻☻☻☻☺☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻
    ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☺☺☺☺☺☻☻☻suck beattube is down

  29. Biker_perv Says:

    Thanks for the links there. I also used to spend a lot of time on Zooskool but only recently found BeastTube. I’d love to see the woman and dolphin together, a big fantasy of mine!

  30. whitney_loves_dogs Says:

    well in response to animal love i would love to meet him =] i would love to meet any guy who’s into beastality as much as i am. also thank you for the sites they are amazing.
    since beasttube keeps redirecting me to…. wtf.. lol
    i don’t want to see human on human… i want animal on human. =]

  31. DotDotDot Says:

    Wow, hoping people die because they took away your porn. And you call them crazy.

    Beasttube sucked anyway. Not nearly enough guy on female animal vids.

  32. I hate society Says:

    I hope they die because they’re taking away my RIGHTS and JUDGING ME, just like the rest of society

    And I think theyre taking away zootube365 now, nothing new has been submitted in a few days and the same thing happened before beasttube died :-(


  33. Kilo Says:

    What! their doing the same thing to Zootube365 now?

    wow, they must really have miserably lame lives so they go and ruin it up for everybody else.

    Those closed-minded bigots will never be happy.

  34. I hate society Says:

    WWOOOOOOO, false alarm, theyre back
    I wouldnt be surprised if it happened soon though, live it up while you can

  35. lady in wild land Says:

    Well i am so digusted that they can take away our rights to watch what we want.
    Hell first time i ever watched any beastiality i was amazed and got quite wet. Now the thought has me very wet but never have done anything like this before.. Do want to try but beasttube was like my teacher and now it was firered..
    SO MAYBY i will get lucky and get to try some female and animal sex….

  36. face the truth Says:

    the reason why they pulled it off the internet is because there are kids who can see this type of shit. They are afraid that they might grow up like you messed up, perverted, sick and retarded losers who can’t even spell right.

  37. a;sldkfh Says:

    There’s also a magical thing called PARENTAL CONTROLS. If people don’t want their kids to see bestiality or any kind of pornographic material they simply have to add a website to the block list on their computer. The controls are put there for a reason, use them.

  38. I hate society Says:



    THIS IS WHY I HATE SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. dotdotdot Says:

    You hate society because you can’t watch your porn? Dude, you’re got problems. Seriously, calm down. It’s just porn.

  40. dotdotdot Says:


  41. I hate society Says:

    Did you read anything I wrote??? I hate society because anyone who is different is looked down upon, and because society changes everything the majority doesnt like

  42. A few short words Says:

    Does anyone know where the Oddworld site is?

  43. A few short words Says:

    So does anyone know where that Oddworld site is?

  44. DotDotDot Says:

    Did you read anything I wrote??? I hate society because anyone who is different is looked down upon, and because society changes everything the majority doesnt like

    That’s a broad generalization. Gays are gaining the ability to be legally married in more and more places all the time.

  45. I hate society Says:

    That is because its becoming more popular and more accepted by the general public
    And look how long it took, how much they had to go through to get to the point they are at, and how much they still have to go through,
    After the civil rights movement African Americans were still just as badly thought of, it took many years for them to get where they are now, and still there is racism
    How long do you think it will take?!?!?!?!?!

  46. JustCurious Says:

    I miss beasttube. It was free and so open. I’m not really into maybe actually doing beastiality, but I loved watching it and found myself fascintated with it. It’s a shame they took the site down – but I kind of tought it would happen sooner or later knowing mainstream america. DAMN it was such a hot site though.

  47. thisnerd4sale Says:

    See, I really think people need to stop judging people based on sexuality. We’ve got the gays who are hated because they love someone of the same gender, the zoophiles who are hated because they love someone of a different species, etc. Have you ever noticed that a lot of people hwo have “weird” sexualities actually tend to love who they’re doing more than the typical “straight” person? We have all these marriages that end because the people don’t love each other, but when somebody does love somone, it’s considered “strange” and gets banned/looked down on/ etc.

  48. Ashaconda Says:

    Hey,now beasttube is gone are there any other sites that u can join and talk 2 members and meet people onZ?

  49. I hate society Says:

    There are several links in these messages, I recommend

  50. DotDotDot Says:

    How long do you think it will take?!?!?!?!?!

    For people to accept other people fucking animals? Most likely never, since fucking an animal is pretty fucked up.

  51. I hate society Says:

    Why are you even on here???
    Actually at that point I was talking about gays, and they are also considered “pretty fucked up”, so fuck you

  52. john Says:

    Me and my girlfriend looked after a friends Farm property in Esperence, Australia. Me and her fucked Horses, their dog and each other every day. We enjoyed it, the animals enjoyed it. wtf is wrong with that?

  53. DotDotDot Says:

    Why are you even on here???
    Actually at that point I was talking about gays, and they are also considered “pretty fucked up”, so fuck you

    Because when I tried to go to beasttube I noticed it was down, and I saw this place in the search results.
    Gays are only considered “pretty fucked up” by idiots who think that being gay is a choice and a “sinful” one at that.
    No, fuck you, you incredibly angsty person.

  54. I hate society Says:

    Why would you call having sex with animals fucked up if you were trying to watch beasttube in the first place???

  55. DotDotDot Says:

    Because it is. That doesn’t mean I don’t mind seeing it on occasion.

  56. Ted Says:

    Does anyone know if the videos that were on beasttube are archived somewhere? Or are they gone forever since the site was shut down?

  57. Joe Says:

    I’m looking for Porn with Mare’s, i’ve found one or two until yet. Does anyone know where i can find that?

  58. GOD Says:

    Kids Are walking into schools and killing each other, There is A war in Iraq where people die ever day..Gang’s shoot and kill for NO reason and it happens day after day..Lots of fucked up shit happens every day so why the fuck are people taking all there time to shut down A Porn site? Doesn’t make to much sense to me….

  59. anonymous Says:

    hey kds arnet afraid of being fucked up wierd. anyway the majority of kids looking for porn go for lesbian….

  60. anonymous Says:

    you know by the time i was 14 i had watched huge mass of porn from heaps of different sites.
    their some pretty fucked up shit out their…and i turned out normal…enough… ;)

  61. I hate society Says:

    What is normal???

  62. Joe Says:

    I’m looking for Porn with Mare’s, i’ve found one or two until yet. Does anyone know where i can find that?

  63. Joe Says:

    FUCK!!! Now you gotta pay for zootube365, it’s no longer free anymore.

  64. I hate society Says:


  65. Ashaconda Says:

    Thas fucking terrible from free to super expensive..thas bad man only 3 min free..ok who know another free site????

    Band together we need this

  66. Taboos are just denial in diguise Says:

    These people are just reinforcing hatred where it is not needed so that they may appear to be uninterested in the same stuff, instead of just keeping silent on the topic of bestialiality. It is illogical but nothing logical ever came from insecurity. It is going to be quite some generations before bestiality is as accepted as homosexuality is today. It is rather unfortunate, considering that I am very sure that atleast 25% of the population has had a bestial fantasy, even if it was just a flicker subdued in a lightning quick denial. Which means that all of those people will have to live out their deepest sexual nature in secrecy as I am sure many of our ancestors did [probably even before domestication was widely known]. And yes, that rape card people play has a literally fatal flaw. If an animal doesn’t agree with you, it will warn you and then it will kill you.

  67. Damn them Says:

    Try it has an animal channel the other channels on there are gross though. you have to sign up but its free to do. still doesnt compare to zootube365 or beasttube

  68. Damn them Says:

    the other channels are actually totally disguisting. i think the sight is slow as hell too

  69. Kilo Says:

    Zootube365 sucks now.

    You can no longer watch videos that are longer than 2 minutes long without signing up for membership. And the videos that you ARE able watch for free you can only watch a few videos a day before they block your IP from watching anymore. Unless you sign up for membership.

    So yeah, it sucks now. Which is a real bummer cause ever since Beasttube got taken down Zootube365 was the only other similar place I was able to find but now it’s all limited and regulated ;(

  70. Joe Says:

    Does anyone know an other page for beastiality ? I’m looking already 2 weeks for a new page because Zootube365 is “down” now. I’ve now just and that sucks… Can Somebody help me?

  71. Brian Says:

    I would guess (having seen all the requests for other sites) that the only sites nowadays to “replace” the excellent beasttube are zootube365 and shockingtube.

    I sincerely request that you all join my new myspace group – i’m going to call it zooskool, which, for a VERY short period of time HAD a myspace account, AND a group! but they were deleted after about a week, even though they had broken no rules.

    The best way to keep FREEDOM of speech, expression, and free press alive is to actively excersize those rights, and fight to the fullest extent you are able to protect them.

    Please join the myspace group – that will be a great way to collaberate and solve the problem – I know there are people out there who can help eachother to get a new website going, and it would be a great way to defend the freedom that is so important to having a “free” society where people are actually free to *think* how they want to.

    Go to Myspace and search the groups for Zooskool.

    And don’t tell anyone. This will be as secretive as possible until we take real action.

  72. Former Beasttube Fan Says:

    Well, more than likely Zootube365 will be shut down in a few days. Turns out, that when somebody would pay for their “Premium” membership, Zootube365 would sell the customer’s personal info online. But yeah, I just do not understand people these days. They say that bestiality is “Wrong” and “Immoral”, but if thats the case, then WHY are there countless websites where you can download child porn? Its all because of these stupid “Petition” sites. If you are going to shut down any pornographic web site that is seen as “Evil”, then why not turn the U.S. into a communism. The government SAYS that the right to free speech is our greatest treasure. If so, then why are we betraying our own beliefs?

  73. Anon Says:
    I heard about this web page from a friend. She said it was disgusting and disturbing. The site shows people raping animals, i.e. dogs. Please sign below to help get rid of this site. As you may know, bestiality is the act of raping animals. It causes psychological and physical damage. If you are tired or seeing animals be raped, sign here.

    Ignoramous amerikka strikes again, since i’m pretty sure the dogs aren’t being “raped”

  74. NoName Says:

    wow, people are still signing that petition even thought the site’s been taken down already? unbelievable.

  75. Shadows Says:

    If there’s any site that should be yanked from the net, it should be those fucking petition sites that got Beasttube shut down in the first place…

  76. Rofl Says:

    Seriously, no one has another other free beastpr0n sites at all?!?!

  77. I hate society Says:

    And there doesnt seem to be somewhere to disagree, you have to sign the petition to say anything

  78. Joe Says:

    I’m looking for Beastiality Porn, where i can find that? Zootube is down :(

  79. BestFan Says:

    Can someone, anyone please explain to me, how if you are being fucked in the ass/pussy by a large male dog, you are ?Rapeing” him? How are you abusing him? If anything, wouldn’t be the other way around?

  80. funnyman141 Says:

    this suck’s now all we got are those shitty movies on zootube365 and those shitty “free” sites this sucks we should build a new website and all contribute

    wadda you say…

  81. NoName Says:

    The only other place I can think of that’s free is Beastforum, but it’s not an “all video” site like Beasttube and ZooTube. It’s an open forum where there’s lots of category’s including videos and stories. I know it may not be as good as Beasttube was, but trust me as member there myself, I can say it’s a pretty good site. Hell it’s a great site! Check it out.

  82. Joe Says:

    @ noname
    but you must be an elite member, to watch the movies, and the pictures, and to be an elite member, is very expensive

  83. NoName Says:

    Joe, I know but it lets you have a few free downloads a day (5-10 I believe)

    I know it’s really not as great as Beasttube was, but what other choice is there? (If anyone knows of any other better site out there please let us know) The Internet Nazis have either taken down all the good sites, or transformed them into crappy mistrustful pay-to-see sites which now suck.

  84. pissed off Says:

    Damn Zootube365. They knew people would be flocking there in the aftermath of Beasttube’s unfortunate fate, so they saw an opportunity to make money by having all these new visitors pay to see the site. Bastards. Everything is always about fucking money in this world.

  85. str8jkt Says:

    oddworlds is shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No one is safe.

  86. Jimmy Says:

    Looks like someone is finally making sense on the forum. I swear, the webmaster of zootube365 is a mindless bastard. Check this out:

    Maybe a few more people like him will get the wheels going.

  87. DotDotDot Says:

    The requested topic does not exist.

  88. Jimmy Says:

    Damn, some guy did some actual research into the website and basically proved that zootube was blowing people off. The webmaster was lying about how much it costs for them to maintain the site and the dude proved him wrong. Of course, that forum is a victim of absolute power, so they deleted that topic. Bastards.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    My own little Obituary for Beast Tube. Given too late, because I didn’t even know this place existed until about…oh…15 minutes ago.

    Beast tube, I knew you only for the shortest breath of time. And yet in that small glimmer of shared interaction, I felt more alive and stimulated than ever before in my life. Sentiments shared by some of the people here, I’m sure. Poisoned by bigotry and double-standards, you were struck down by those who wear the mask of the righteous, but sow the seeds of injustice and discrimination. In your stead, similar forces rose, to meet the needs of the people you so loyally and lovingly served. But they were only Harpies, waiting for the precise moment to strike at our will, and our wallets. We, the few, who knew and loved you, will forever mourn your loss in silence. Silence because we are a people not many bother to understand, and too many are quick to label, and detest. Silence because we are bound by the unbreakable chains of a close-minded society. Silence, because we are afraid. And the braver among us will fight to preserve and restore your great legacy. They will bear the banner of true freedom, and not this facade we are force-fed on a daily basis. And now, the future looks to them, to set us free, to bring us to the light, that we may once more feel alive. And when that day comes, we shall rejoice the same way we mourned. In silence.

  90. Mike Says:

    I would like to join zootube365 but I am not sure how to pay or what they mean by pay by phoneline. Main thing is I don’t want to get ripped off and I find out I owe them 100 dollars instead of the 40 they require.

  91. Kat Says:

    I want to know how my dog sticking his nose between my legs and starting to lick my pussy when i am asleep is me raping him??? Fucking narrow minded people.

  92. PetitionBlaster Says:

    Even though Beasttube is down, the petition is still up. I posted on the petition, in an effort to inject some sane thought into the petition thread. I figured using a petition signing to throw a well thought message at them is probably not going to hurt right now.

    Personally, I think zoophilia/bestiality is peculiar, and while strangely amusing at times (animal genitalia are oddly fascinating) I don’t consider myself a “zoo” I consider myself a member of another… subculture that sometimes gets associated with zoophilia – usually wrongly, although there are zoos within our ranks. But, I also think that people generally should mind their own business and not force their values upon others.

    Don’t expect people to ever ACCEPT you. Trying to get them to accept you only increases the enmity (I know because this has happened to MY subculture a lot, a “common psychological disease” amongst more than a few of its members). Getting them to just leave you be is the BEST you can EVER hope for. And right now, it’s obviously a fight to get even that accomplished.

  93. mike Says:

    Does charge money, they dont mention anything about paying but I’m skeptical about calling them to get a password.

  94. micheal jackson Says:

    they carnt shut down the site there will be no more child porn .hehehee!

  95. caninecpl Says: is coming back…..yeah!!!!!

  96. DotDotDot Says:

    What exactly is, or was, zooskool? I mean, what was special or different about it?

  97. Dallas Says:

    Dont be fooled peple. It was the “pay-sites” that took beasttube off the web.

  98. I hate society Says:

    I dont seem to have posted in a while,

  99. casual Says:

    i reckon someone should do what they did with piratebay,
    base a free beastiality site in some place like sweden or some third world country, where there are no laws governing what can and cant be on the web, where religious rednecks from USA can’t touch them.

    i wasn’t fully into it, just a once a month thing when i got bored of ‘normal’ porn and wanted to try something different.

    but i liked beasttube, no long downloading, and its free

  100. Justin Says:

    wow this is what some people said on the petition and they don’t seem to understand what rape is either.
    Feb 15, 2008, Gabriela De Hasty, North Carolina


    Does this site realy exist?! Lock these nutters up and throw away the key!

    Feb 28, 2008, Sarah Halliwell, South Carolina
    this is not what the internet is for (Really then what is it for?)

    This is disgusting. I can’t believe they are raping animals. I wish the animals could fight back. Lets see how they would like being raped by animals1! I bet nobody would want to watch that.that person would be surprised plenty of people would watch that.

  101. buttmunch Says:

    somebody knows something about some place with pthc free videos?????????????????????????????? please give me the name

  102. DotDotDot Says:

    Child porn is bad, m’kay?

  103. TheEnd Says:

    So I guess this is the end of good quality free bestiality material out there. All that’s left are those expensive, mistrustful pay-to-see sites with those faking actors who use the animals as little more than dildos. I wonder why the petition people don’t shoot down THOSE sites? why do they only target good sites like Beasttube? Oh yeah, because Beasttube-like sites are actually intended for people’s enjoyment rather than making a profit…it stands out, so they take it down. Bastards.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the owners of those crappy pay-to-see sites were behind the petition that killed Beasttube, since it’s existence was causing their own sites to loose daily visitors. Less people visiting your site=less money. This really sucks.

  104. I hate society Says:


  105. Rikoshay Says:

    Personally, I know of a few ways to find content like what beasttube had to offer, it’s just that it was way more convenient for me to just visit the site. And yeah, those fake sites probably made up the petition and paid off that site to showcase it.

    All that site did wrong was show amateur porn, with the main focus of the animals doing the fucking and the masters of said animals being fucked, to an audience who was either already doing that, or just wanted to watch it since they couldn’t act it out themselves, for no profit. If it had mentally damaged anyone who wasn’t already interested in looking at that type of content, then their stupid ass shouldn’t have typed in the URL to begin with.

    All this is is another display of over-zealous self-righteous pricks who can’t get enough of their power to get off on, so they buzz-kill anyone else’s entertainment and enjoyment so they could pop their top faster. And yes, society does suck for being janked around by the balls and sacrificing their own beliefs for this “better good of all” bullshit. People like this are all a bunch of dumb bastards who fear everyone and everything, and are worse than the animals they’re trying to “protect”. If you wanna save an animal from abuse, try petitioning for closures of puppy mills, the stopping of fishing and hunting for sport, and for makers of fur coats to be shot in the head for being sadistic enough to skin an animal alive.

    And Brian, I’m taking up your offer and joining that group, even if it doesn’t do much else than show I support what you’re saying, or worse, show me as a “freak” to all these “normal” people.

  106. Jo Says:

    Is there any other Animalpornsite for free?

  107. Kilo Says:

    I agree with TheEnd and Rikoshay. This whole thing is nothing short than a suppression of free speech on the net.

  108. sexybigboy Says:

    hey i just want to say that i agree with most of this . Zooskool is comming back i signed up for imformation on when . zootube365 is ok but not good as beastube . I did find a website that was not mentioned on here and that is It is like zooskool even has a free chat room . The only thing is for the most part it is free but they ask for “donations” for other parts of the site . One final thought dot dot dot sounds like one of the petition signers just by what i have read on here .

  109. DotDotDot Says:

    Well, it may not be a perfect substitute, and it probably doesn’t have quite as much in this category, but has a bit of everything. You’re sure to find something you like there.

  110. Jo Says:

    Hi there, i’ve found a great site with beastiality… visit, on that site you’ll be linked to many other sites

  111. Dimar Says:

    Hi there, i’ve see a great site with beastiality… visit on that site you’ll be linked to many other sites sex

  112. Jo Says:

    I’m sorry, but that page is stupid…

  113. beasttube fan Says:

    Well, seems that Zootube365 has show its true colors. Apparently the admins were beginning to notice how people posting on their forum were asking about why there was a “Premium” membership that you had to pay for. So, instead of actually giving them a reason, zootube365 has shut down their forum. When you click it it says it will be back up, but they just posted that so people wouldn’t bug them about shutting it down. They even did a lazy job of covering it up. It says “available in monday”. Heh, just goes to show you how greedy some people will get.

  114. I hate society Says:

    Hidebehind just changed, IT SUCKS NOW

  115. wrongness Says:

    bestiality is wrong!

  116. DotDotDot Says:

    Well fuck. Hidebehind was pretty cool. Now it’s just like every other shitty porn site. God damn.

    Well, luckily there’s also this place:

    They also have boards for pretty much anything else you can want.

  117. I hate society Says:

    Wrongness is an intolerant bitch and is probably being ass-fucked by a horse right now…

  118. qazza Says:

    Does anyone know what happened to

  119. Jo Says:

    Does anyone know, if there’s any Beastiality Stream site ? I know but thats it. There are just a few horse vid’s. I Love Horse Sucking Vid’s but i cant find them… please help

  120. Beast with in Says: this place has some pictures and videos but for fullview and videos you need to pay :( otherwise it is good.

  121. qazza Says:

    trouble is, i want to do more than just watch. I want to meet someone with a lovely doggy or horse that will let me swalow some doggy or horse cum. Yummy.

  122. Beast with in Says:

    Oooh found another one! . Cant watch vids for free, but soo many pictures with man and women having fun with animals. :D

  123. moonbuggy Says:

    The popularity of this page continues to surprise me. I never knew there were so many dog fuckers out there.

    [You don't mind me calling you all dog fuckers, do you? :)]

    You guys rule. :) Keep it up! :)

  124. James Says:

    i am open minded, i wanna try out bestiality it looks like fun

  125. Tina Says:

    hello there female upstate ny have tyed it loved it want more . and all they can do is take away websites to help me

  126. Bryce Says:

    There is a work around for zootube premium videos now. Try this out:

    1. right-click on the thumbnail for the vid and choose properties.
    2. copy the image’s LOCATION url. example:
    3. delete the stuff after “.flv”
    4. if instead the url is something like
    delete everything after the last slash.
    5. copy the long letter/number sequence (69adc1e107f7f7d) and paste it after the last slash and add “.flv”
    6. press enter
    7. profit!

    To watch the videos, you may have to download FLVPlayer. There is also another URL that is different from the two types shown, but it is easy to figure it out.


  127. Mothy Says:

    Hiya folks.

    I have read this thread with interest…and you might pleased to know that oddworlds has reopened.

    A common complaint running through is the lack of decent sites around, & those being shut down as they no longer pay. Oddworlds closed originally for personal reasons. But we’re back! We are, and remain a 100% free site.The only thing required is that you register with a valid email addy before you can post in our forum or receive newsletters.

    The team ( including myself ) are all volunteers, so we are not at the mercy of the bean counters, thankfully!

    Come & check us out, the site is very similar to before, with great full length movies, a forum…a chatroom & much more…..if you like us..tell your friends….if you dont…tell us.
    We are not perfect…and we are not trying to compete with the paysites, as we are more than just porn, but like many of you who posted here….we are petlovers.

    Hope to see you there.

  128. the US sucks Says:

    im sick of this country, they ruin every goddamn thing from anime and games to sites created for those people in the world who enjoy certain things… humans are animals too, i think its completely natural!

    now if there was a site made for videos of rape or pedophilia, yeah, shoot it down and arrest the creators, but doing that to bestiality lovers is bullshit!

    animals arent helpless, they’ll kill you if they’re being forced into sex, and as long as you’re being gentle with them, theres nothing wrong… im sick of the US so damn much, im definately moving out of this country when i get the money, im disgusted with the US!!

  129. the US sucks Says:

    i hate this country for ruining everything that is good.. isnt this country supposed to be about freedom and all that bullshit? why the fuck are they censoring every damn thing and shutting down perfectly fine sites, then?!

    goddamn… im starting to feel like im in an oppressive country that treats people like shit… the US sucks and the rulers of it deserve to ROT IN HELL!

    now that im done with that, are there any FREE bestiality sites out there? i tried several links you guys posted, but they all require membership or whatever…

  130. nothing good... Says:

    I don’t see any good sites posted here, they all require you to pay or join up to see videos.

    I used to goto beastforum but now it’s just becoming stupid, I can’t even watch videos for free anymore, I used to be able to!

    This sucks, being unable to watch any hot horse videos anywhere!

  131. Joe Says:

    Yeah thats True… I would like to see some good horse videos, but there isn’t any free site,..

  132. I hate society Says:

    the US sucks… there is no such thing as true freedom within society, its only free as long as its popular among the majority and the majority happens to be a bunch of mindless religious puppets who have been brainwashed for many centuries to believe that perfectly natural things are “sinful,” however, the US IS more free than many other countries, I suggest finding an unclamed island in international waters, without the rest of society YOU ARE FREEEEEEEEEEEE


  133. Bryce Says:

    It does suck but for now you can use what I posted in my last post.

  134. zamp Says:

    you can get free videos from beastforum, you get like 2 per day for every 15 forum posts you make

  135. Mothy Says:

    Further to my earlier post re Oddworlds reopening………..

    I just thought I’d make it clear that you DO NOT have to ‘join up’ to d/l our movies. We only require a valid email addy if you want to post on the forum or receive our newsletter.

    We have facilities for members to upload their fave movies to be posted on site, and the forum has a section where you can post if you’re looking for something specific.

    Yes. the movie selection is limited in terms of numbers available at the moment, but we are expanding that as we go along, both from our own sources, and members contributions.

    You can never please all of the people all of the time in any walk of life, but given the strong voices that complain of the lack of decent ‘free’ sites around…come & check us out.

    Its the people who make sites like ours work, both visitors & the team behind the scenes alike. Without visitors..there is no incentive to keep these sites open.

    Catch22? definately!. Use them or lose them.

    As previously mentioned..Oddworlds is a 100% free site, and as long as people keep coming will remain so. There is no money made from the site, and the team are all volunteers. We are only there because we feel the exactly the same as many of you who have previously posted here.

  136. I hate society Says:

    Bryce, Im testing it right now and so far…. YOU ARE AWESOME :)

  137. Bryce Says:

    Not a problem I hate society. :)

  138. robert Says:

    beasttube is now vho and that sucks big time i want beasttube back

  139. I hate society Says:

    Hey Bryce, how do you change it to work for Windows Media Player???
    I have shamed the hacker community :(

  140. Bryce Says:

    You don’t, you have to use a .flv player. DivX will not work either. Just Download FLVplayer here:

  141. I hate society Says:

    OK, Thanx :-)

  142. Bryce Says:

    Not a Problem, BTW if you want to talk to me sometime just tell me. It might be interesting to talk to somebody else that is into this stuff. :)

  143. DotDotDot Says:

    Your method works Bryce, but zootube365 still sucks ass since they have like no male on female vids. For some reason that stuff is kinda rare. Even with torrents it’s all the same few things. And I thought guys were supposed to be more perverted. =P

  144. dog cock sucker Says:

    thanks Bryce, awesome info…here is a link to a converter and crack for it, , I used it to convert the .flv to avi and then i burned to dvd..thanks again……this is a great trick

  145. Bryce Says:

    Don’t have to much fun now. ;)

  146. Maddel Says:

    Hi there I am a k9 lover and I stay for 2 years in south africa. are ther any k9 lover here to chat to or to meet?

  147. Bryce Says:

    Anything New Folks?

  148. Hawsey Says:

    I still can’t believe they shut down BeastTube, and now that other sites see the opportunity, they make you pay.

  149. DasMoo Says:

    bruce worked perfectly with
    but dont know what to do when i have a url like that:

    help :´(

  150. DasMoo Says:

    FUCK!!! Bryce not bruce. damn sorry man

  151. Nothing wrong. Says:

    In my mind, there is nothing wrong with this kind of stuff. I actually lost my virginity to a horse, and I can say that it’s really the only thing that actually turns me on. Unfortunately, I’m not around horses anymore since I moved, and I can’t find anymore sites on the internet except those cheap rip-you-off sites. I used to get enjoyment off of zootube, but now it’s a paysite. That sucks. If anyone knows any good sites where I can find some good horse movies, I’d greatly, greatly appreciate it. E-mail me the links, but just so you know, I’ve created a email address just for this purpose. So, sending me spam or something else really wont be too big of a problem for me, so don’t waste your time.

  152. Bryce Says:

    @DasMoo: Hey, tis a common mistake Don’t worry about it. As to your problem, you need to view the image just like you did the above link.

    @Nothing wrong: You could try my trick, scroll up. :)

  153. Bryce Says:

    @nothing wrong:

    See this post:

  154. DasMoo Says:

    feel free…. omg my english is so fucking bad xD

  155. Bryce Says:

    @DasMoo: You can find some here if they haven’t already been removed:

    Scroll down to the second topic.

  156. DasMoo Says:

    @ bryce
    thanks dude :)

    @ Nothing wrong.
    most are dog vids, there are also some horse and 2 cow videos
    i have 1 vid where a men fucks a mare (if you want it, tell me i will upload it ;))

  157. DotDotDot Says:

    Yes! Please upload it.

  158. DasMoo Says:

    okay here it is

  159. Bryce Says:

    NP Das :)

  160. GoldenFlames Says:

    Dude Bryce, man, you are a GOD! Obviously the quality is not as great as if it were watched on the actual website, but it sure beats having to pay for it. I love you, man! and btw if anyone needs me to look after their horses for a few days, let me know :)

  161. DiddlyDoo Says:

    I’m having trouble getting the video’s to play I do everything as you tell me to Bryce but to no avail it doesnt load… just keeps saying “loading media “random#.flv” (random# is just an example)

  162. Wolff Says:

    Hey Bryce, I tried your method to watch the members videos its not working for me at all, And I have download the .flv player. Could you give me some additional help or see if they’ve done something to the website to make that not work anymore?

  163. Bryce Says:


    In your own words, tell me what you are doing.

  164. nothing wrong Says:

    Bryce, you’re awesome. I have a couple gigs of good stuff now. But I think that it doesn’t work anymore. I tried downloading some after I got home from work tonight, and I get “404 – NOT FOUND” I wonder whats going on there.

  165. DiddlyDoo Says:

    i downloaded the flv player, i go right click on the video pic i want to watch and select properties. I get these 2 links 1 for the image and one for the directory as listed: <— unusable I’d imagine…

    I then make open a text editor to copy the first link into it… and edit it like so:

    then i copy that link into my clipboard… and then open up flv player and use the paste shortcut ctrl+v
    all it says is “loading ’4820688c0970c.flv’ … and that’s it… nothing ever happens

    I’ve also tried it with the links like mentioned above that already have the .flv in the url and deleted everything after the .flv extension… help would be greatly appreciated.

  166. Beastgirl74 Says:

    The above way of downloading videos has been stopped. To many people where doing it and I guess they figured it out. hope you got some while it was open :)

  167. DiddlyDoo Says:

    not even one….

  168. Werewolff Says:

    Well all, since that dosn’t work, i was looking around, trying to find a bypass or something. It dosn’t provide access to all beast sites, and i couldn’t actually use it to find decent beast porn, but it does provide access to alot of member areas for regular/hardcore porn sites. Enter the url in there search your looking for, you might just get lucky and actually get one. I have a working pass to, but it dosn’t actually have any beast porn in it. Just regular stuff, if you get lucky and get it to give you full access to a good beast site, please post here. By the way, the usernames and passwords it gives, only try them if there rated 70% or higher.

  169. KITT Says:

    i was pissed when they shut down beasttube. all these other site are ripoffs and will never amount to the greatness of beasttube. another site i like is they dont have human and animal vids or pictures, but they do have animals mating an stuff. even pictures of a lion cocks. if your interested.

  170. MAX Says:

    To help everybody with withdraw pains ;)

  171. jack Says:

    you are all sick cunts, fuck your beasttube, erghhhhhhh i never went on that site, i heard about it and dt was enough


  172. mysterioustrojan Says:

    i know its not as good as beasttube but give a go,.. they have some good stuff.

    and for the guys who want male on female animal action, i searched up horse gives man a blowjob on tha site… sweet as.


  173. I hate Society Says:

    Oh please Jack, you’re probably the sickest bastard here, Ill bet youre in a few videos, Ill guess with a horse cock… dont lie, you know you love it ;P

  174. DasMoo Says:

    thanks mysterioustrojan, i´ll visit this site ;)

  175. Joe Says:

    is there something new ?

    @moonbuggy can you put a counter to this page ? I would like to know how many people are visiting this site….

  176. Gaul Says:

    the .flv trick is not working anymore =*(

  177. DasDima Says:

    Beasttube video

  178. dog cock sucker Says:

    hope this helps some

  179. Bryce Says:

    This sucks ass, no place to get videos anymore. :(

  180. John Goodfrey Says:

    Brandon you are very brave and i hope you get alot of opinions keep it up i wish you could do something about these problems they are getting worse and worse

  181. I hate society Says:

    Society’s just too fucked up, The only thing I can think of to fix it is total social collapse, I know a few ways to cause this but my job depends on society :(
    Good luck people

  182. gaia Says:

    hey guys you do know if a website gets shut down like beast tube you could get a program that lets you keep the flash video and then you can repost it also i been looking at the comments here but i don’t see why beast tube been shut down if people are taking the time to deal with a website rather then taking crime off the street know wounder this world is in chaos

    p.s i was just wasting time looking around the net and found there a pedofile site full of little kids know if they got that site up why in hell would they take a site full of animal porn kind of make you think huh

  183. Gaul Says:

    i love you

  184. Bryce Says:

    This would be better if it had Mounting and shit.

  185. dog cock sucker Says:

    i know it’s not the best site, bunch of dildogging and even fake cum in some vids, but it’s the best i’ve come up with so soon as i find something better, i’ll share…

  186. Horse cookie Says:

    Heres were I go it has a lot of posted vids bobeq has the best so heres a link look around some and you should find some to last for awhile. Btw u will need winrar for many of the videos.

  187. Horse cookie Says:

    ohh found this too, heres another bobeq’s massive link dump lots of petlust,horse,some mating

  188. Jimmy?? Says:

    What sucks is I found beasttube about 2 weeks before it was closed, then I heard about that Dolphin video, after it was closed, i was just like FUCK!! I never seen it. Ah, maybe instead of sitting around we should make another free bestiality tube site?? C’mon seriously it cant be to hard.

  189. Jimmy?? Says:

    Also, if someone makes another petition if another beasttube opened up, we could make a make a counter petition. Again just a thought

  190. puttinonmyrapeface Says:

    I’ve been looking for a place where I can DL the dolphin sex video, if anyone has it, or knows where I can see it, please upload!!

  191. Bryce Says:

    Anybody find anything good yet?

  192. horny4dogs Says:

    found this site that has some Bestiality. you just have to make a free account

  193. moonbuggy Says:

    Have you guys seen this? :)

  194. Nothing Wrong. Says:

    Jimmy has a good idea. We should make our own website somehow, and make it free. How do you think tom from myspace gets richer and richer? Everyone uses it, and people pay him lots of money for a little banner advertisement in the corner somewhere. But have a membership, a free one of course, and have an actual person or person(s) accept other people into the website. That way there wouldn’t be anyone in there that shouldn’t be, because we are a different type of people than the rest of them. Just have the users contribute their videos, and go from there. It might start out small, but I’m sure it would grow into something good, as long as someone doesn’t get greedy like all the other people did. As long as it’s private and exclusive to animal lovers, I’m sure there wouldn’t be too many problems with other people who think this stuff is wrong. I dunno, just a thought.

  195. Kilo Says:

    Yes, I think starting our own beasty website is a good idea and given how popular this thread has become since Beasttube went down, I think it’s not only possible but probable. I think it sucks that the only websites that are left are those crappy commercial rip-you-off sites where the animals are treated as little more than dildos. That’s just sad and depressing since most of those animals are probably drugged in order to perform the act. I wonder why there aren’t any petitions to get THOSE sites off the net, hmmm……

    Beasttube was one of the few places where it showed lovely amatures with their consenting pets and it was all for enjoyment, not profit. That’s why I think it was shut down–because it was open and free.

  196. Jimmy?? Says:

    *Raises hands in the air*

    Thank you Nothing Wrong, you have a great point aswell about the myspace thing, it’s very true.

    Kilo, most animals that are used for zoophilia/bestiality are not drugged, just very horny, the only animals that are used as dildo’s are mostly horses, they just stand there and do nothing nearly everytime.


    I dunno how we’d get it started though, I don’t got much web site building experience, unless you count freewebs, lol.

  197. Bryce Says:

    …..I do, the only trouble is finding a host that will allow this kind of content. o.o Better start looking guys.

  198. Kilo Says:

    I’m pretty sure there is some host out there who will allow this content. I mean someone had to have hosted Beasttube right? Everyone start looking!

  199. Oddy Says:

    Wow you guys bump your gums a lot but dont listen..

    There is a free beasty site..with full movies free to download..not shitty ten second beastutbe/zootube offered sign-ups..cept to be able to post in the forum..and thats free..the place is run by volunteers..who help out because there ain’t a decent free beasty site around anymore..and were trying to make one worth a talk about building your own site..fair enough..I did it..or you could try and contribute to oddworlds and help it’ll always be 100% free..



  200. I Hate Society Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot about oddworlds, I need to check you guys out soon :)

  201. Kilo Says:

    I’m having trouble watching vids on Oddwolrds. Do we have to download that Megaupload thing to post and watch videos?

  202. Paddy Says:

    Did zootube fix the workaround?:(

  203. MAX Says:

    oddworlds meh without streaming vids like beasttube, good start thought.

  204. GOTBEAST Says:


  205. Joe Says:

    Is there something new ???

  206. Joe Says:

    What happened with this forum ?

  207. I hate society Says:

    A little empty mate, try joining oddworlds, its a good zoophilia community and we’re trying to resurrect it, please join and post regularly

  208. DotDotDot Says:

    Everything beasttube was and more.

  209. horny4dogs Says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you DotDotDot. petsex was just what i’v been looking for to replace beasttube.

  210. Kilo Says:

    Damn you beat me to it DotDot! I only just now found out about and was hoping to be the first to break the news here but you’ve took my glory! lol

    It’s great to see another Beasttube site up and running. Let’s just hope those intolerant bastards who took down the original don’t fuck it up again.

  211. gaul Says:

    It seems great, but runs real laggy for me. And real touchy when it comes to buffering, is this just me? some kind of glitch?

  212. me Says:

    yeah I’m experiencing the same thing with the lag, it must be the site.

  213. GOT BEAST?? Says:


  214. guygonegood Says:

    I registered for a account but I never received the comfirmation email. Whats Up? What should I look for?

  215. dogman Says:

    If someone is going to start a new “beast” site I recommend to have it on a server in Poland or something cause depending on where your site is, it might be illegal with zoophilia. It will be harder for government n people to shut it down…they must then contact the country’s government for authorization n bla bla….This is how ex. some P2P appz is stored.

  216. griz Says: the same site as hidebehind. even has your same password

  217. sympathetic anatomy Says:

    Does anybody know why videos don’t play for me? Nothing shows up where the video is supposed to be. Just a white space.

  218. DotDotDot Says:

    Probably need to update flash or something.

  219. dont-knok-it-till-u-try-it Says:

    why do i get nonnection error! with

  220. dont-knok-it-till-u-try-it Says:

    apologiese, why do i get connection error! when trying to play videos with

  221. agent47 Says:

    I think it’s safe to assume that is down for the count. I can’t even access the homepage anymore. RIP petsex

  222. Dog's Bitch Says:

    Complete ZooTube365 DUMP!

    You can download all videos from ZooTube365 from Torrents.

    You dont have to download all videos. Personally, I download only Dog sex videos. I dont like any other. Just select which videos to download. You will have to use a torrent client like UTorrent ( which is opensource and free.

    I hope you enjoy :-)

  223. Me Says: works, but it is realy slow

  224. DotDotDot Says:

    Doesn’t work for me. It’s a shame, really.

  225. ToMToM-analdog Says:

    Hey just a tip, i downloaded firefox, then updated my adobe and seems noticeably quicker. and i have search to the extint of my ability and there is no anything to this day.

  226. donny Says: you have to give donations it sucks

  227. horny4dogs Says:

    are there any animal sites like petsex? i hate paying or downloading stuff.

  228. SS Says:

    And is now using a credit system… But with the amount of credits they give you, it shouldn’t really be a problem.

  229. Knot Lover Says:

    I love!
    But how can I download Videos on this site?


  230. Anon Says:

    has anyone experienced this problem on petsex? all your credits disappearing?

    all my 15000 minutes of video have gone in about 4 days and i haven’t been on the site. is it an error on the site or could it be something else?

  231. sympathetic anatomy Says:

    I have the exact same problem. They probably do it so you can just check it out then have to buy a premium membership…

    What a jip.

  232. john Says:

    Same problem here :(

  233. Anon Says:

    then whats the point of them giving you all those credits if they aren’t going to let you use them all up, besides to be honest i just though it was me that lost all my credits, i thought maybe the account got phished but it turns out you two have experienced this also so phished accounts are out of the question, sympathetic anatomy has a good point maybe it was just trial?

  234. Anon Says:

    UPDATE petsex now have more than the usual 20 free videos in the free area
    however when you watch them you lose credits ( they go in to minus) so they aren’t actually free to watch if your credits go in to negatives are they? has any one else been back on the site and experienced this?

  235. pets Says:

    I found another great site. not a tube sitem but there are a lot of free movies :

  236. Horny4dogs Says:

    Shit!!! just as i was worshopping Petsex, they go and turn to a paysite too. once more i will ask. Are there any NONPAY beast streaming sites out there. And i dont mean ones with the 2 minute vids. I want good size ones!!!!!

  237. Mike Says: sucks ass. The “free” section only allows you to watch 2 minute videos and most of the free videos are gay guys getting fucked in the ass by dogs. The few female vids are of old ugly women.

  238. sympathetic anatomy Says:

    I’m not sure if this has been posted yet or not, but I found a cool site.

  239. tigrex Says:

    I say we should create a site and on one of the icons post a reason why this site should not be banned and multiple petitions in it to really shut them up.

  240. tigrex Says:

    sorry i just remembered this

    and in the click if you are old enough to view the site a comment below ‘ if you dont like the content in this website dont watch it and simply place the adult oriented block on your computer so your kids cant watch it.

    Also there are some nice movies using Limewire. Download it in

  241. DotDotDot Says:

    I’m afraid of limewire. It’s too popular. That means it’s a good target for people to upload viruses and stuff.

  242. sympathetic anatomy Says:

    Yeah Limwire made my computer act funny. It was significantly slower, so I un-installed it and now my computer is perfectly fine. Maybe it was a bad download or something, I’m not don’t know. But I’d be cautious of it if i we’re you.

  243. Neo Says:

    Thank you Bryce!!! It worked pretty well!!! Great help, big hug!!

  244. Noman Says:


  245. leftout Says:

    anyone got ANY sites for this girl to find???? dont want to pay 60 bucks and PetSex totally screwed up a good thing……… anything else good out there???

  246. unpackit Says:

    Bryce, you got all my respcet!!!
    But there are some real REAL good videos at petsex, is there a way to pass the fuckin’ credits and download the clips???
    I NEED HELP!!!

  247. merp Says:

    um, if you do an advanced search with google go the ‘search within a domian’ and put then dog or somthing in the normal search and you’ll pull up 10 min videos

  248. Noman Says:

    well…download shit from Beasttube has come to a end.The’ve blocked it so now all you get is forbidden. Dam it. :/ was soooo fucking good. Dam credits. I can’t even upload any videos I’ve found to get credits. Or at least the ones i’ve found that are 20 misn or longer. if anyone can finda good besttube POST IT!

  249. lpc Says:

    bryce, can get that workaround to work….says 403 forbidden. is it shut down now. any new ones u know of? anyone have anything?

  250. Dan Says:

    for animal sex stories

  251. DANN Says:

    for animal sex stories try

  252. sympathetic anatomy Says:

    So does anybody have anything yet? I’ve been searching but have come up with jack shit.

  253. crs Says: is free just sign in could be better if more peopl upload movies

  254. don king Says: is not working it took away my 15 free movies under 2 mins. some website person should create a MEGA porn site where everybody can watch TONS of free shit

  255. dacote Says: – Has a wast community and an immense amount of beast vids.
    It’s not a tube, but more a forum with links to the movie’s, it’s also free to join and no has req’s.

    Hope some of you find this useful.

  256. dacote Says: & are very useful to find any porn inc. beast.

  257. dacote Says: – Free to stream vids, already a few beast vids on there.

    No fees/registration to watch, lets populate the site.

  258. ashleigh nicole Says:

    ive doing it for three yrs, and i love it

  259. crs Says:

  260. holy shit!!! Says:

    hey guys, i just went to, no idea why i guess just for hope, and there is now a new beasttube!!! I havent tried it out yet, i came here first, but it looks really good and i dont think u gotta pay!! iil be back after i check it out!!!

  261. holy shit!!! Says:

    damn….. damn damn damn damn damn damndamn damn damneddity damn. its a paysite, I am so sorry guys… i thought i had found the grail, but u need to be a member, it didnt even say anything till u clicked the video,

    but, it looks just like beasttube so im thinking that if they get enough money they may make it free, just a thought, so dont loose hope.

    damn though!!! i thought i had it!!! fuck!

  262. holy shit!!! Says:

    saving grace. and this time i checked it out, you can watch vids, no membership fee, and to watch them you dont need to be a member, only thing is, the vids are few, however, it is free and you can upload,so to those here who have vids on their computers,

    please help us out if we all pitch in and upload some stuff, im sure we can make this place at least a fair replacement for beasttube . in the meanwhile iil be looking around for some places to get vuds, if i find some iil tell ya,
    (i cant download though i got a shit computer, like from 03)

    iil also be lookin for better tubes (that are free ) too

  263. Horny4dogs Says:

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    Have a look in the video channel – bizarre section. It’s free and safe. The quality is not brilliant but there are quite a few animal videos.
    Hope this helps.

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    there’s but you have to either upload videos, buy a membership, or be satisfied with the free 10 videos they give you. All of my accounts are banned :P I think they figured it out because of the IP adress. Because i registered with different emails. :[ There’s also a nonporn related zooforum called

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  285. Fausty | Says:

    The zetatracker ( is – by a wide margin – the biggest online resource for cross-species erotica… and it’s 100% free, community-supported, and non-commercial.

    Most of the “free sites” listed in this thread are owned by the lowlife scum generally found in the commercial “animal porn” world. The sites take freely-provided amateur content and make various paysite scams out of content genuine zoophiles have shared with the community freely. Many of them are trying to shove scamware scripts onto visitors’ PCs, fair warning.

    The zetatracker has well over 2,000 active torrents – together there’s more than 10,000 video files in those active torrents. Unlike commercial sites that create fake “membership lists” to make them look active, the zetatracker has more than 15,000 active members – despite the fact that nobody needs to “register” at the tracker to post, download, or use torrents we index. It is a 100% public tracker – we have no “VIP memberships,” no ratio limits, no requirements, and no other bullshit for folks to share or download content from the database.

    Unfortunately, most of the commercial producers of “animal porn” are a disgrace to genuine zoophiles – they abuse the non-human participants in their profit-based movies, they have been caught abandoning dogs after they were done filming them, and on and on. The goal of the zetatracker is to provide a healthy, community-supported alternative to these scumbag commercial operators, and thereby provide a more accurate picture of cross-species intimacy of a zooish sort.

    Don’t get scammed by some porn bottom-feeder! Don’t pay money for access for footage that, in 99% of cases, has been freely shared by its creators in the first place. Don’t get infected with malware from the various scam “bestiality tube” sites – none of which have any zoo community support and all of which are purely created to scam easy $$. Don’t get suckered into ANY “bestiality forum” that’s owned by a commercial porn producers (especially – all of whom have been caught “outing” their members, censoring discussions, and even turning over personal information to law enforcement for the right price.

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    Gah! I loved Beasttube, and then it got changed to VHO. Now there’s a site called Beasttue but you have to sign up to join it. Blah…I prefer being able to watch my vids without giving out info like my email and all.

    There are a few suits you guys can try. Sometimes you have to click a link several times to get to the actual movies (most of the time it sends you to other zoo sites, mostly ones you have to pay for), but you should eventually get to the videos:

    There was another but I can’t remember it.

    If anyone finds a site that was as good as Beasttube was (I doubt that’ll ever happen though), please share it with the rest of us!

  292. mike Says:

    zetatracker is not working anymore. Anyone know a website like it to download free videos?

  293. DRV Says:

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    You could try as well. It’s not the best site, but it’s better than nothing, and they have a bit of variety in their selection (i.e. there’s more than just woman-with-dog/horse.)
    There’s a lot of “private” videos on there, though, which sucks. You also have to “get a premium account” to watch the longer videos, which also sucks, but it’s par for the course these days. OTZ
    I think of most interest to people are their forums and chatroom, though. They actually have a community~

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