Thursday, February 15, 2007


Attorneys: Man who gutted cellmate had mental problems

‘The man accused of killing his prison cellmate, then gutting him and hanging his intestines from a clothesline in his cell, has a history of brain injuries and untreated mental problems that would have made it difficult for him to think clearly, plot a murder or “resist impulses,” defense attorneys said today. [..]

In opening statements this morning, Assistant U.S. Attorney Brenda Taylor said the evidence is clear — and captured on a gruesome videotape — that William Sablan and his cousin Rudy Sablan killed Estrella. On the video, which guards began recording after they discovered Estrella dead in the cell, the Sablans are seen holding up Estrella’s organs, Taylor said. [..]

The 18 jurors, made up of 12 women and four men, are expected to see that video this afternoon.’

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