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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


First practical plastic magnets created

`The new polymer was developed by Naveed Zaidi and his colleagues in Durham’s organic electroactive materials group. The team created the new polymer from two compounds, emeraldine base polyaniline (PANi) and tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ). They chose PANi because it is a metal-like electrical conductor that is stable in air. TCNQ was chosen because of its propensity to form charged particles called free radicals.’


New & Improved Pocket Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis™

‘The Vee-String Vagina with bladder is designed to fulfill the feminine illusion. To do this, it has an inner funneling pocket for the penis. On the interior of the vagina there is a urethra opening, making it anatomically correct.’

Conversely: Urinating P-String Penis

Bastard Operator From Hell


1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters

`Welcome to the world’s largest collection of tongue twisters!

With 2680 entries in 105 languages.’

115 mph in a Fiat Punto?

`A man accused by police of driving at 115 mph (185 kph) in a Fiat Punto thought the accusation so ridiculous he enlisted an expert driver to help prove his new car was incapable of going that fast.

[The expert] found the best the car could manage, going downhill with a following wind, was 104 mph.

Police were finally forced to drop the speeding charges [..]’

Myxoedema and a lost wedding ring

`[A] lump was found on the patients ring finger [..]

An x-ray of the lump revealed a wedding ring totally encased in the soft tissue. [..] The wedding ring was surgically removed. Histopathological examination of the lump revealed a foreign body granuloma with chronic low-grade Staphylococcus aureus infection.’

with pictures.


Naked panic as cops raid club for drugs

`[A] strictly men-only club where the policy is to pay and leave your clothes at the door – was hit on Saturday night in what police say is the start of a string of raids on nightclubs [..]

Detectives were somewhat surprised to walk in on naked patrons, but nevertheless arrested four club-goers found in possession of drugs.

“Most of the patrons had their shoes on, so I would imagine the drugs were found in their socks,” explained Inspector Dennis Adriao [..]’


Berlin bear’s break-out bid fails

`Juan the Andean spectacled bear first paddled across a moat using a log for a raft, then scaled a wall.

Finally he appeared to commandeer a bicycle, before zookeepers with brooms cornered him, and a colleague picked him off with a tranquiliser gun.’

‘Vengeance’ swipes cake, eats it, too

`A 6-foot-tall, 275-pound bearded man crashed a children’s birthday party in Oak Forest, identified himself as “vengeance,” then helped himself to a piece of cake, police said.

When the owner of the home asked the man who he was, the intruder replied, “I am vengeance. I am the knight. I am Batman.” [..]

After continued questioning by the homeowner, the man left the house and drove off in a red 1988 Cadillac.’


Jet-powered wheelchair surprise

`Giuseppe Cannella had a big surprise for his mother-in-law when he put a jet engine on the back of her wheelchair.

“She was on holiday at the time so she didn’t know what I was doing until she came back.

“She actually thought I was doing it for her.”‘

with pictures.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Marathon wrecker avoids jail term

`Horan, who pushed Brazil’s Vanderlei De Lima off the road, told police it was to “prepare for the second coming”.

De Lima eventually took bronze while Italy’s Stefano Baldini took the gold.’


When Viruses Attack

`Researchers at Purdue University combined traditional crystallography and cryoelectron microscopy with imaging software to create detailed pictures of a virus called T4. The Purdue scientists also made a video that shows how the virus attaches to a cell surface, infects it and replicates.’


Deafening phone – Siemens issues health warning

`Siemens has issued a warning about potential ear damage caused by its 65 series phones. If the battery is exhausted during a phone call, the handset shuts down, but before clapping out altogether, it plays a tune. Rather loudly.’


Chimp gets impish over lack of love

`Sexual frustration has turned a mild-mannered Chinese chimpanzee into a problem primate who smokes cigarettes and spits at visitors [..]’

Polite robber waits in bank queue

`Robert Howell handed the cashier a note reading: “Give me the money, please. I’ve got a knife,” a court heard.

He then waited in the queue at Pontypridd, south Wales, as she served other customers lining up behind him.

Howell was still waiting 10 minutes later when police arrived to arrest him.’


Handmade Vagina!

`This week pool boy Juan from Thailand crafts a serviceable vagina from a succulent fruit of the gourd family!’

with pictures.

Man sets house on fire trying to kill mosquito

`Police say the property was gutted in the blaze caused by Tatsuo Onishi lighting a cigarette after spraying pesticide outside.

One consolation for unlucky Tatsuo is that police believe the mosquito was killed in the fire.’

Sex Guide – Dolphins: FAQ on Mating

`WARNING! In the considerations of safety, you should NEVER let a male dolphin attempt anal sex with you. The Bottle-nose dolphin member is around 12 inches, very muscular, and the thrusting and the force of ejaculation (A male can come as far as 14 feet) would cause serious internal injuries, resulting in peritonitus and possible death.’


Baggy Pants Trigger Protest

`Bonham High School officials rotated 200 high school boys through their cafeteria forcing students to lift their shirts to find out if their waist lines were too low, or their underwear was showing. Students filed past a video camera and violators were forced to sign a form saying they would attend one day of in-school suspension.’


Lesson learned, big-time

Professor writes “Fuck God” on blackboard to demonstrate the power of symbols. Student files harassment complaint.

Same Professor earlier `harassed’ same student by discussing homosexuality in a sociology class.

Motorcyclist vs. Squirrel

`[..] this was no ordinary squirrel. This was not even an ordinary pissed-off squirrel.

This was an evil attack squirrel of death!

Now picture a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a slightly squirrel torn t-shirt, and only one leather glove roaring at maybe 70mph and rapidly accelerating down a quiet residential street on one wheel and with a demonic squirrel on his back. The man and the squirrel are both screaming bloody murder.’


Hurricane Victim Seethes at ‘Token’ $1.69 FEMA Check

`Seeking the government’s help, the Punta Gorda resident after being put on hold for 2 1/2 hours got through to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and told his tale: a damaged roof, shattered windows and no electricity.

About a week later, a check from the U.S. Treasury came in the mail. [..]

The check’s value: $1.69.’

Car hits polling booth in Bangkok

`11 people, including an official manning a polling booth in Lard Prao district in Bangkok, are injured early Sunday after a brand new car accidentally slammed and damaged the booth.’


Sunday, August 29, 2004


Surgeon sucks out own fat

`Calling himself the biggest fat sucker in Texas, an Austin plastic surgeon performed liposuction on himself in full view of television and newspaper cameras to promote the potential use of stem cells that can be harvested in such an operation.’


Saturday, August 28, 2004


Some Guy Doing A Backflip

1.3 meg Quicktime.


New super strain of coca plant stuns anti-drug officials

`DRUG traffickers have created a new strain of coca plant that yields up to four times more cocaine than existing plants [..]

Experts estimate that the drugs traffickers spent 60 million to develop the new plant, using strains from Peru and crossbreeding them with potent Colombian varieties, as well as engaging in genetic engineering.

The resulting plant has also been bred to resist the gliphosate chemicals developed in the US that are sprayed on drugs crops across Colombia.’

Friday, August 27, 2004


Walking Home Drunk

Flash game.


Iraqi police round up journalists at gunpoint

`”You people are not under arrest,” Najaf police chief Ghaleb al-Jezari told them.

“You are brought here because I want to tell you that you never publish the truth. I speak the truth, but you never broadcast what we are.” [..]

“You have kidnapped us at gunpoint,” said one reporter.’ ComicCon video

`I am cobra commander, supreme commander of all cobra forces.’

16 meg Quicktime.


`So one day I stumble into my flatmates room as hes forgot to turn his alarm off, now I’m a very curious person so when i see a box in the corner i wonder whats in it.’