Sunday, September 19, 2004


Bludgeoned ex-official had ‘relationship’ with suspect

`Mask, 74, was killed with a concrete block inside a motor home on property that he owned [..]

Mask’s body, nude but for a pair of socks, was found Thursday on a bed in the motor home, [policeman] Jordan said. He died sometime Sept. 7 after he was struck twice on the head with the concrete block, which was found on the bed under a pillow, Jordan noted.

Robbery is believed to be a possible motive for the killing, Jordan said. But that’s not the only possibility, Jordan added cryptically.

[..] Mask would use the motor home to “meet people,” Jordan said, declining to get into further details.

[..] sheriff’s department records indicate that Mask was twice accused of sexual crimes involving men who rented rooms from him.

[..] “I have suspected for some time that this may happen one day,” Jordan said. “Is it bizarre? Yes. Is it a surprise to me? No.”’

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