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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Man Ticketed for Landing Chopper in Yard

`A man who told police he wanted to avoid traffic gridlock has been ticketed for landing a helicopter in his back yard. [..]

On his flight to Teterboro, Kjekstad told police he saw bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Merritt and chose to fly directly home instead.’

Farmer’s Daughter Wines

`Welcome to Farmer’s Daughter Wines, one of the new age vineyards in the Mudgee grape growing region.’

I once had a plan to create a porn site called Farmer’s Daughter. Somebody beat me to it though. 🙁


Dilbert Ultimate House

`What do you get when thousands of Dilbert readers put their minds together and design a house? You’re about to find out.’



`Select two fighters, watch them slap it out.. Mmm, delightful.’

Choose from John Howard, Mark Latham, Paris Hilton and David Beckham.


Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Team America – World Police

The new film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, due out October 2004 (in the US). You can watch the Team America trailer here.

airpwn – bringing goatse (and friends) to Defcon 12!

`At Defcon 12 this year my cow-orkers and I brought along a little piece of code called “airpwn.” Airpwn is a platform for injection of application layer data on an 802.11b network. Although the potential for evil is very high with this tool, we decided to demonstrate it (and give it its first real field trial) on something nasty, but harmless (compared to say, wiping your hard-drive)’



`Draw a straight line on top of the car, lift the pen and the car shoots off in a straight line. Draw a circle on the car and the car starts wildly spinning around. Draw a complicated squiggle and the car spirals in and out.’


Ecological Footprint Quiz

How many hectares of productive land are required to support your existance?

The World Votes

`In November 2004, U.S. citizens will elect their new President. The outcome of this election directly influences the life of citizens around the world. gives people all around the world a voice in the forthcoming U.S. Presidential Election.’


How does Ali G keep conning famous guests?

‘How can so many supposedly media-savvy operators – even members of the intelligence community – still be so easily fooled? Don’t these people have assistants with subscriptions to HBO or, at the very least, access to the outside world?’


Weirdo can’t slurry love

`A pervert got thrills from covering himself in farmyard manure and performing sex acts, a court heard yesterday. [..]

Truscott targeted Clive Roths farm for seven months before he was caught in a police surveillance operation.

Cops nabbed him prowling round the property near Red-ruth, Cornwall, at 1am in shiny red shorts and latex gloves.’

Paris Hilton, porn again!

`Everyone’s favorite heir-head is embroiled in yet another new sex tape scandal. [..]

The 11 minutes of steamy footage obtained by the British paper is believed to have been culled from about 12 hours of video stolen from Hilton’s rented Hollywood Hills home last month.’

Demonic Defense 3

Defend Your Castle style game.

Mother said whipping of girl was not ‘torture’

`The mother accused of beating 4-year-old Diamond De’Zire Edmonds to death last year told police that she thought it was appropriate to repeatedly whip the girl. [..]

Prosecutors allege Edmonds and Wheeler whipped Diamond over a two-day period with a switch and a belt because she drank from other people’s cups.

Edmonds told police she also was upset that the child would go into the refrigerator in the middle of the night.’


US may target N-bombs if Musharraf removed

`US Senate candidate Barack Obama says that if President Pervez Musharraf loses power in a coup, the United States may consider military strikes to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

In an interview published in the Chicago Tribune, the Democratic Party’s Senate candidate said he believed that Islamic extremist elements might take over if President Musharraf was overthrown, adding that in such a situation, America would have to consider going in and taking nuclear bombs out.’


Ear Wax Candy

`It’s a plastic ear filled with candy ear wax. Though it looks like the real thing, it’s actually fruit-flavored gel. Attached to the package is a “Q-Tip” kind of thing, but instead of cotton swaps, it has little lollipops on the ends.’


Olsen Twins Sue T-ShirtHell

`Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s company, DualStar, has sent a cease-and-desist order to T-shirt svengali Gary Cohen, whose Web site is hawking “I [bleeped] the Olsen Twins Before They Were Famous” Ts. A defiant Cohen tells us he has no intention of complying. “It’s clearly a parody T-shirt,” Cohen said. “There’s no damage being done to them. If they want to sue someone who damaged their careers, they should sue whoever wrote ‘New York Minute,’ not us.”‘

‘Naked Photographer’ Sentenced to Jail

`An attorney was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for ambushing dozens of women while nude and taking pictures of their shocked expressions. [..]

Linnen, a former lawyer for the Ohio House Republican caucus, has admitted to photographing women while he was unclothed over nearly two years, gaining the name “the naked photographer.’


Dream leads to father’s shooting

`A 24-year-old man who had a bad dream about his father later shot him as they argued about the dream, police said. [..]

[Police captain] Siegel would not disclose the content of Howell’s dream.’


Super rats posing growing health problem

`”It was evening. I was going home, when I saw two very fat rats in the gutter. They were as fat as small cats and not at all scared of the hundreds of people passing by,” said Nurlan, a student.

[,.] Kyrgyzstan is infested with a new breed of large, resilient rat, descendants of rattus norvegicus – albino rats, which were used in laboratory experiments during Soviet times. Some escaped and bred with the local variety, creating the current, bold, adaptable breed that is proving hard to control.’

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Stinky socks get nanotech makeover

`NanoHorizons has developed a technique for manufacturing nanoparticles (defined as particles smaller than 100nm) of gold and silver. Both metals are already incorporated into materials because of their antibacterial properties [..]’


Dungeons and Dragons – Concerns for the Christian

`There is a danger in becoming over-involved in D&D, spending a large amount of time, money, and interest in it’


Pupil Torches Newsagent Who Wouldn’t Sell Him Playboy

`A schoolboy set fire to a newsagents and then tried to torch a bus after he was told he was too young to buy a copy of Playboy, a court heard today. [..]

The owner made it clear they had a few years to go before they could legally combine nudes with Saturday afternoon shopping.’

Microsoft server crash nearly causes 800-plane pile-up

`A major breakdown in Southern California’s air traffic control system last week was partly due to a “design anomaly” in the way Microsoft Windows servers were integrated into the system, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

The radio system shutdown, which lasted more than three hours, left 800 planes in the air without contact to air traffic control, and led to at least five cases where planes came too close to one another [..]’

Boffins boost DVD capacity tenfold

`Scientists working at London’s Imperial College have come up with a way of radically increasing the storage capacity of optical discs. [..]

The upshot is a disc that can theoretically hold a hundred times the data than a current DVD can, though in practice the results yield a lower increase – from 4.7GB to around 250GB.’

What Can I Do With This Placenta?

`Many people freeze their placentas until they get a special tree or bush in honor of the new baby. After digging an appropriately sized hole, score the sides of the hole so the soil is more amenable to tender roots. Put the placenta in, and cover it with a half to a full inch of soil before placing the plant on top of it. [..]’


Hospital refuses to help accident victim

`A badly injured man who was hit by a car outside Sydney Hospital in Macquarie Street on Thursday night was refused treatment by its emergency department.

Distraught bystanders were forced to treat the man’s wounds with handkerchiefs as he lay in the gutter drifting in and out of consciousness just metres from the hospital.’


What Alan Jones thinks of Australia and Aborigines

Safe for work if you have headphones. 🙂

(100k mp3)

see it here »


The Daintiest Dynamos

`By harvesting energy from radioactive specks, nuclear microbatteries could power tomorrow’s microelectromechanical marvelsand maybe your cellphone, too.’

Gang in series of robbery gaffes

`[..] as they ran into the shop, one of the gang dropped a gun which went off, scaring the other gang members into fleeing.

Terra Noticias Populares says one robber accidentally fired his gun and was hit in the leg as the group tried to escape on motorcycles.

The other gang members then either crashed or fell off their bikes as they looked to see what happened their colleague.’