Monday, November 22, 2004


Cooking With Cum

‘Come and join us in exploring the culinary value of semen! Share recipes, try new things and have fun! We have 279 registered users on the forum and we hope that you will join too! The site is open to everyone and free to use – it only takes a few seconds to register. So go ahead, shake off any inhibitions and join us in the excitement of Cooking With Cum!’

13 Responses to “Cooking With Cum”

  1. Paul Says:

    Sounds interesting and fun.

  2. flawforewer Says:

    Sound really interesting!
    Anyone who have good recepies to share in this topic

  3. Cumpuppy Says:

    Souds interesting, but the forum is down allready for a long time, does anyone knows where to find it now?

  4. moonbuggy Says:

    Sorry, I have no idea where it’s moved to.

  5. flourpower Says:

    I just came across and they actually published a book!! Check it out

  6. addicted cum lover Says:

    I so love the creamy sweet salty delicious taste of cum! I just had one of my favorite frozen cum treats laced with pot and chocolate iced cream with about eight big creamy chunk of frozen cum to savor and swallow. I always keep a large supple of frozen cum as I so love eating it in lots of recepites I’d love to share with my cum lovers and please share yous with me at I so love savoring and eating creamy sweet salty delicious cum loads. I would so love to have a steady supply of dozens of cum feeders to supply me with what I want and so need, huge mouthfuls of creamy delicious cum loas until my wide open mouth is totally filled and over flowing as I eagerly swllow not wanting to waste a single yummy drop. Other favorite cum treats are; sandwiches with cum in stead of mayo, mashes potatoes with cum in stead of butter and milk, coffee or tea with cum instead of milk, any cake snacks covered in creamy cum as a total frosting topped with pot, and my very favorite dessert is a cum filled donut bar with huge frozen chunks of cum to savor and swallow. I have many hot recepies that I’delove to share with everyone in return for your favorite recepies and if your in the Berkeley Ca. area perhaps we can get together for a feast of creamy swweet salty delicious cum treats to savor and swallow, I’m so totally addicted to eating yummy CUM! Please e-mail me fellow cum worshipers at Lets have erotic cum eating stories to share!

  7. loves to Jack Says:

    I jack off three to four times a day to the thought of someone eating my cum and me eating someone elses cum. If only I could cum more to satisfy the needs of others.

  8. Lee Says:

    I think this is hot ….all you folks with the gross this, gross that are clearly uneducated/judgemental jerks! It makes me horny and hungry all in owe swoop! The world would be a better place if everyone eat a little cum!

    Keep the stories and recipes cumming!

  9. more cum Says:

    Hey, whatever turns you on, but if you’re going to be cooking with cum you’ll likely want a way to be able to produce more semen.

  10. clive gates Says:

    I heard the bestt waytodo it is get loads of fresh cumand make a nice ommlettout of it/filling of your choice,but dont cook it for too long!

  11. Cum-planner Says:

    it sounds crazy when dozens of guys cum in a single girls butt-hole then another girl take it out by using spoon to scoop out the thick cum and then put it over a black guys asshole and then lick from there into mouth.having it in mouth she spits it into the other girls mouth who gargle it and mix it with her gag juice. then put this cum over a bread and slowly bite that bread to eat. anyone try that????

  12. ryan Says:

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