Monday, March 28, 2005


The Language Game

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  1. Webmaster Flash Says:

    Dear Mr. Moonbuggy:
    I read the following on a certain website: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/ archives/2002/01/10/entsnews.html

    “The evening is kicked off by Moonbuggy, the electro anarchist formerly known as Man From Uranus.
    It is abstract electronica at its visionary best and a perfect launch pad for an evening of mind-blowing musical massage.”

    I am the proprietor of the Electro-Anarchy Collective’s website, and because we are unaware of any substantial musicians nor anyone with the pseudonym ‘moonbuggy’ nor any Uranians that are members of our organization, I wanted to ask if you are indeed an electro-anarchist–by membership or by belief.
    If you are an electro-anarchist and are shamefully unaware that our Collective exists, please please join us!

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