Monday, June 6, 2005


Photos Of An Unknown Family Who Probably Owned A Liquor Store

`A couple of weekends ago, we were nonchalantly (as opposed to chalantly) strolling down the hallowed aisles of the G.W.S.M. when a moldy stack of photos piled on a couple of photo albums caught our collective eye.

To make a medium story almost non-existent, we purchased two hefty photo albums filled-to-the-brim with family photos of a hitherto unknown family. We haven’t yet taken the time to look at the back of every photo to try to figure out the family’s name. We have noticed that a lot of the photos feature family members standing in or in front of a nice-looking, fully-stocked liquor store.

It’s quite obvious that the family pictured in the photo albums owned the liquor store


It’s entirely possible that the “unknown family” simply liked having their photos taken in and around the liquor store.’

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