Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Petlust Videos

Seriously, not safe for work. Not safe for home.

If you think the main link is bad, try this or this or this.

Better yet, don’t try any of them at all.

12 Responses to “Petlust Videos”

  1. Eduardo2 Says:

    Eu gosto de ver fotos ou videos de zoogay

  2. Zebby02 Says:

    This is a ok site

  3. xavier Says:

    Good stuff! I’m in a few of those vids my self. Yep I’m a gay zoo.

  4. none Says:

    Stumbled across your site, and out of curiosity followed the links….not sure what they are supposed to lead to.

  5. frnacisco Says:

    Porfavor esta muy buena la pagina pero quisiera q por lo menos hala un trailer de cada video para descargar ya q no dispongo mucho de recursos economicos,gracias

  6. frnacisco Says:

    This page very good but I would at least find a trailer for each video download to see if this good, is for many recommendations of friends too, thanks

  7. carlos Says:

    muy bueno

  8. carlos Says:


  9. Mr Rott Says:

    All that stuff is far too expensive, but damn good.

  10. youtube video Says:

    thanks god blog

  11. robin Says:

    Omg thats sick lol, i found some other free beast sites

  12. robin Says:

    or this one is even better:

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