Saturday, June 25, 2005


Couple Says Officer Gave Them Ticket and Sermon

`”When the blue lights came on my wife started asking, what did you do? I said I didn’t do anything,” says Tony Gainey.

The couple says police officers found problems with their plates, but the conversation turned to bumper stickers. In a row of slogans they say one marked “it’s a Druid thing” prompted questions from Officer Tony Stewart. [..]

“If we didn’t like hearing what he had to say, we couldn’t leave or there would have been other charges,” she says. [..]

A week later a letter showed up in the mailbox from Officer Stewart.

“Last Friday night I was sent to be in your crossroads,” reads Tony.

The officer went on to invite the couple to a Baptist bible study. The Gaineys say that’s misuse of authority.’

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