Monday, September 12, 2005


Army Recruiters Set Their Sights On Hurricane Victims

`This almost missed item in the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire today is simply outrageous. Bush’s failure in Iraq has stretched the military so thin that recruiters are on the verge of taking advantage of the hurricane to basically draft the victims.

In case you don’t subscribe, here’s what the Journal wrote today:

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: Ten U.S. Army recruiters are offering volunteer help for Katrina vicitms at Houston’s Astrodome. But the recruiters, struggling to keep enlistment up during Iraq war, are also available with options for the jobless. “Our intent is to approach the evacuees at the right time for them,” says Army spokesman Douglas Smith.’

If anyone can find a link to this on a site that doesn’t require registration, can you let me know? I’d like to have a look at the full thing.

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