Saturday, September 17, 2005


Coach rips auto thief from getaway car

`Ken Cavallon of Seattle said he swung into action early Tuesday morning when his wife saw three people trying to break into his truck outside their home.

“I realized, enough is enough, so I came flying up the hill,” Cavallon told KOMO-TV.

The coach grabbed a young man from inside the getaway vehicle as it began to pull away.

“The window was down just a little bit, so I ripped the window out, it shatters all over the ground,” Cavallon said. “I try to pull him out of the car and the seat belt gets in the way, so I open up the car door, and as the guy’s driving the get away car away, I yank him out of the car, throw him to the ground, pick him up, slam him on the hood of my truck, and just held him there.”‘

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