Friday, September 23, 2005


Spider the Tylercore

`In late February of 2005, during the John Paul Martines recording sessions in Bronx, NY, Danny Bronx and Bob Fantastic recorded guitar and drum tracks that would later become the structure of “Skeleton Freak Out.” During the recording sessions, John Paul’s 5 year old younger brother (Tyler Petrucci,) came into the studio and said these words to Dan and Bob. “I’ve been trying to tell people this forever. Too young to live, too young to die. You will die forever, and ever. The sun will blow up and you will turn into a zombie. Forever.” Taking what we could handle from Tyler’s freaky speech, we had the kid sit down and spill his heart out into a microphone. WE ARE NOT KIDDING, THIS IS NOT A JOKE, LOOK AT THE PICTURES. We were as astonished as you probably are right now. He then named our group “Spider the Tylercore,” and named the song “Skeleton Freak Out.” We’re not sure what’s going to become of this. If you want, you can translate the rest of the song yourself, but this is what we got out of it [..]’

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