Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Recent History of Cosmological Theories

`This is the story of men who play god with the universe. Here is the astounding story behind these weird astronomical theories, which are now taught as fact in newspapers and popular magazines. One got his ideas from Spiritualists. Another (*Charles Darwin’s son) theorized that the moon floated out of the Pacific on a high tide. The list of foolishness goes on and on. There never was a Big Bang, and stars and planets cannot evolve from gas. Evolutionary theory is a myth.’

2 Responses to “Recent History of Cosmological Theories”

  1. Michael J. Farrand Says:

    Are you familiar with the theory discussed in my poem “Alternate Sun“? I read about it somewhere, but now I can’t find where. Thanks!

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    I’m familiar with the idea that our sun might have a twin, since I’ve read that astronomers are finding many, many stars are infact binary systems. But I don’t know that I’ve read anything about this being responsible for the genesis of asteroids.

    I’ve linked to some articles about alternate cosmological theories in the past however. The one I find most interesting is the electric cosmos theory which postulates the universe is infact a diffuse plasma that allows huge electric currents to flow over enormous distances. Which leads to interesting theories that our sun is powered not by internal nuclear reactions but by external electrical processes.

    Lots and lots of detail on this sorta stuff at thunderbolts.info.

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