Saturday, November 5, 2005


Concrete Poured Into Pipes Backs Up Sewage

`Officials are trying to determine who’s at fault after tons of concrete was poured down a Windward Oahu sewer pipe and forced raw sewage into several Kailua homes.

Liz Asteriadis suspects a black substance climbing up the walls in her home is the result of sewage that backed into her Windward Cover condominium on Oct 13.

“You could smell what it was right away. It was nasty and my friend Barbara, I called her screaming at 11 o’clock at night. ‘Ahh! We are having a sewer flood,'” Asteriadis said. [..]

The sewage backed up after a city contractor filled several manholes with concrete, thinking they were filling abandoned lines. When they realized they’d plugged Windward Cove’s sewage outlet, they built an emergency pipe. Then they started the difficult process of digging hardened concrete out of the underground system.’

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