Thursday, November 10, 2005


1001 things to do with liquid nitrogen

`In the course of studying physics one is officially taught that liquid nitrogen is simply (and mainly) used to cool things down to 77K. But everybody who once has observed students in practical courses “working” with this stuff knows that this is not true.

My intention is now to tell the truth about what is really done with liquid N2 before its remains are taken and used for cooling.

  • Get about a liter of soap bubble solution hot and pour about a cupful of liquid nitrogen in it. Bubbles go everywhere!
  • Break a light bulb, put the filament into liquid nitrogen and turn it on. Looks cool!
  • Freeze a can of shaving cream and then peel the can away from the cream. Put the canless cream into someone’s car. Let the oven-like heat from the car’s sitting in the sun defrost the shaving cream. 2 cans will fill an entire car.’

I’m going to have to try some of this at work. 🙂 Fuck cooling the analytical equipment, I have friends who are desperately lacking in shaving cream. Although they may not know that yet. 🙂

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