Monday, November 14, 2005


US aide won’t rule out torture

`A top White House official today refused to rule out the use of torture in an effort to prevent a major terrorist attack, arguing the war on terror could present a “difficult dilemma” and the US administration was duty-bound to protect the American people. [..]

“The president has said that we are going to do whatever we do in accordance with the law,” the national security adviser said.

“But… you see the dilemma. What happens if on September 7th of 2001, we had gotten one of the hijackers and based on information associated with that arrest, believed that within four days, there’s going to be a devastating attack on the United States?”

He insisted that it was “a difficult dilemma to know what to do in that circumstance to both discharge our responsibility to protect the American people from terrorist attack, and follow the president’s guidance of staying within the confines of law”.’

Fucking bullshit. Motherfucking hypocrite cunts!

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