Monday, November 14, 2005


Woman clings to life after she drank drain cleaner

`A 33-year-old Grafton woman was fighting for her life Thursday night after she drank concentrated drain cleaner given to her by a man who then videotaped her violent vomiting for his sexual gratification, Milwaukee police said.

Detectives are studying a videotape that shows the woman drinking the solution and then throwing up. Police said the tape shows at least three other women drinking solutions and becoming ill.

On Tuesday, police arrested Sean A. Kobin, 20, of Mequon, near the former Northridge Mall on suspicion of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, according to arrest records.

A registered sex offender in Wisconsin, Kobin was convicted last year of exposing a 13-year-old girl to harmful materials by urging her, in a series of phone calls and computer messages, to drink bleach, lighter fluid and urine to arose him sexually, according to a Waukesha County criminal complaint.’

People are crazy. Think of the most vile, digusting thing you possibly can, and I guarantee you there is someone in the world somewhere who finds it sexy. Yes, even Zac’s mum.

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