Friday, December 2, 2005


BK Holiday

[sings] Ding fries are done.. Ding fries are done.. Ding fries are done.. Ding fries are done..

9 Responses to “BK Holiday”

  1. Says:

    fucking hilarious, i dont care who you are, thats funny shit right there

  2. Katie Says:

    This Video is fucking HILARIOUS and if you have a problem with what i have to say you can kiss my ass

  3. nunja Says:

    ………. uhhhh??????? What?????

  4. charlie Says:

    mother fuckin hilarious i shit my pants you ass hole

  5. meow Says:

    I first saw this 5 years ago or more. I always laugh so hard I piss myself. and I can’t wait till X-mas when this shows up on the net.

  6. belle Says:

    thanks for wasting time, this is horrible and not really funny at all. get a job

  7. Diana Says:

    Love this Its my favorite Christmas Carol Thanks for sharing

  8. BUBBA Says:

    This always makes me laugh!! LOVE IT

  9. larry Says:

    if you do not think this is funny, you need to take the politically correct stick out of your ass. This is hilarious.

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