Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Proposed Australian electoral reforms released

`The Federal Government has released its proposed new electoral laws, including plans to close rolls on the day an election is called and ban prisoners from voting. [..]

Paid online electoral advertising will have to be authorised in the same way as print advertisements.

The threshold for disclosure of political donations will rise to $10,000 with contributions to political parties of up to $1,500 to be tax deductible.

The Government says the changes will help reduce electoral fraud.’

I call shenanigans on the government. I think this is seriously fucked up.

First they introduce new sedition laws that are broad enough to make many acts of political opposition and protest criminal [see Australian Sedition Laws Target Peaceful Civil Disobedience], then they attempt to introduce laws preventing criminals from voting.

Anyone else see anything wrong with this scenario?

[The sedition laws are broad enough that my calling of shenanigans is probably illegal. Bah!]

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