Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The RIAA Prank

`[..] the RIAA’s contact information is just buried. Now, they’ve been fighting vigorously to uncover file-swappers’ addresses and phone numbers, developing tracking codes that can be embedded within MP3 files. And yet, they have an unlisted phone number. Paging Dr. Irony. There is a phone call for Dr. Irony.

It took hours of searching before I finally found a phone number and was able to get through to someone. I spoke with a young, mild-mannered executive who patiently answered my questions, which I delivered in my best “dumb guy” voice.’

Kinda amusing. Would be better if there was audio, especially of this bit:

`JH: A penis?

RIAA: [Long pause] What?

JH: You asked if my service provider told me I have a penis?’


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