Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Body of Christ Tastes Like Ass of Christ!

`By themselves, communion wafers are pretty vile. That would explain why they have to “sell” them with a free sip of wine.

So the purpose of this experiment is to find out just what it takes to turn the communion experience from “ow!” to “wow!” We* went to the supermarket and we selected a range of toppings and condiments to serve eucharists with. [..]

*”We” = me and my partner in crime, Gary. Gary hesitantly tried the first few combinations, but after I inflicted the Cheddar ‘n Bacon Cheeze-Whiz ‘n Eucharists combo on him, he resolutely refused to participate further, even after I explained that it was for science. Did Pierre & Marie Curie quit after the first melanoma? No! They forged ahead for science. Sure, they died of cancer, but they did it together.’

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