Monday, December 26, 2005


Adult Industry Donations Turned Away by Family Medicine

`The Family Medicine division of the Harbor UCLA Hospital has turned back several donations from companies in the adult industry. [..]

Miles said she is on the neighborhood council in the Harbor-Gateway area, and in September she distributed 25 letters of request to local mainstream companies at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

“Everybody was going to help me at the meeting back in September, and then when it came time to ante up, only one person, Costco, gave me three lousy wrapping papers,” Miles told “The rest of them said they didn’t have any money in their budget this year.”

“I wanted to help [the families] so bad, so I called people in the adult industry that I haven’t even spoken to in almost four years, and for them to get a slap in face was very hard for me to take. I felt so horrible.”’

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