Monday, December 26, 2005


Radio spoof triggers diplomatic row

`A church-controlled radio station has apologised for a stunt in which a radio comic posing as Spain’s prime minister called Bolivia’s future president.

Spain and Bolivia have accepted the apology from Cope radio.

The station’s comic, pretending to be Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, telephoned Evo Morales.

He implied that Bolivia and Spain would join a left-wing axis involving Cuba and Venezuela. [..]

When Mr Morales said he had received many congratulatory phone calls, the fake Zapatero said he imagined he had not been called by US President George W Bush.

“He hasn’t called me yet either, and I’ve been in office two years,” the fake Zapatero added.

The real Mr Zapatero angered the US by pulling Spanish troops out of Iraq immediately after taking office in 2004.’

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