Friday, December 30, 2005


Patrick Swayze Working With Rap

`After years of being indirectly involved with Hip-Hop music, actor/pop singer Patrick Swayze is finally experimenting with rap music.

Swayze recently said he was experimenting with “rap rhythms as an emotional undercurrent for ballads.” [..]

Hip-Hop fans are familiar with Swayze, who has starred in such classic movies as “Red Dawn,” “Roadhouse,” “The Outsiders” and “Ghost.”

Swayze’s last name has been used as Hip-Hop slang since the early 1990’s, when EPMD popularized the term on various albums.

In U.S. rap vernacular, the term “Swayze” means to “leave” or “disappear,” cleverly derived from the title of his 1990 hit film “Ghost.”’

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