Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Women warned over kiss at cricket

`Same-sex kissing appears to have been added to the growing list of things banned at the cricket.

Two women in the crowd who locked lips at a one-day international in New Zealand on the weekend were surprised to receive a visit from a security guard warning them not to do it again.

The women’s smooch while dancing to music between overs at the New Zealand-Sri Lanka match in Napier on Sunday had been flashed on the ground’s big-screen monitor amid much cheering. [..]

“The security guy came up and said that we were distracting the crowd and we would get kicked out if we did it again,” Fitzgibbon, 29, told the Hawkes Bay Today newspaper.’

What the fuck? First of all, girls kissing each other should be encouraged. 🙂 Second of all, if you don’t wanna distract the crowd, don’t put something distracting on the giant television! Idiots.

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