Friday, January 20, 2006


‘Incompetent burglar’ humiliated

‘An “incompetent” burglar who was tackled by elderly members of a petanque club would never again be able to hold his head up among his criminal peers, his lawyer told Christchurch District Court today.

Clinton Michael Dearman, 38, was in court for sentence after admitting charges of burglary and aggravated assault at Christchurch Petanque Club on December 11. [..]

At sentencing today, Dearman’s lawyer, Michael Knowles, urged Judge Michael Crosbie to regard the publicity and humiliation his client had suffered as a result of media attention as a mitigating factor.

Dearman had been pictured in media hog-tied and surrounded by elderly club members while they waited for police to arrive.’

follow-up to Pensioners ‘hog-tie’ burly intruder.

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