Friday, January 20, 2006


Weg makes a mug of a robber

`After a burglar broke into caricaturist Bill “Weg” Green’s Heathmont home on Sunday, it took the 82-year-old just seconds to draw his attacker.

Fifteen minutes later, patrolling police caught a suspect and Mr Green’s drawing proved they had the right man. [..]

Police soon arrived and were initially reluctant when Mr Green offered to draw the burglar.

“We were mainly concerned with catching the offender who was still in the area,” said Senior Constable Aaron Roche of Ringwood police.

“I thought (the drawing) might be a stick figure or something like that.”

Seconds later, Mr Green who still works daily drawing private, AFL and other corporate caricatures, as well as running a gallery provided a detailed drawing of the burglar’s face.’

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