Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Asse – The Unfortunately-Named Chocolate Candy

`Maybe Iím childish, but Asse has got to be one of the worst and/or funniest names for chocolate candy that I have come across yet (though Crunky and ďMust Be SexyĒ are pretty funny too). Asse is a Japanese candy made by Morinaga. It comes in a pack of 18 pieces that are shaped like Andes mints only a little larger. I wasnít quite sure what to expect from the package because the picture on the package looks a bit like peanut butter in the center. It turns out itís a nougat-like candy like a 3 Musketeers or Milky Way only a little drier. Itís got a faint flavor I canít quite make out though – almost malty. The chocolate is a darker chocolate than most candies have so itís just a little bitter (but tasty). I really liked the Asse a lot – itís good stuff. My wife tried it too and didnít like it at all. (Yeah, yeah – fill in your own joke here).’

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    Thanks for the link!


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    No problem. Thanks for the amusing review to link to. ūüôā

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