Tuesday, February 14, 2006


How to spot a pedophile

`Ever see a guy at work or school who sends off creepy vibes, and you say to yourself “man, I know that guy rapes children”? Some mental health doctors claim that there’s no way to tell a pedophile apart from anyone else just by looks alone. Wrong. I scoured the FBI’s most wanted list and found some examples that confirmed my theory. Here’s what to look for [..]

On the left is Mark David Keller, wanted for paying young homeless boys for sex. Notice the telltale sign of a man who has a penchant for boy ass: the pedophile-smile or “pedosmile.” It’s part smirk, part grin, and all molester. It’s like he’s having a two-for-one sale on rape, no refunds or exchanges. On the right is John Henry Ramirez, wanted for plain old capital murder. Notice the cold gaze, and no smile. Definitely not a child molester. Probably. Here’s a chance to test your pedometer. Take this quiz to see if you can spot the pedophiles. Choose “yes” or “no” for each suspect; you will be graded at the end.’

Well, I got 12/19 (63.2%) which is better than the average of 53.3%. So there you go.. I’m safer than the average person from pedophiles. 🙂

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