Thursday, February 16, 2006


Man Ejaculates in Library, Witness Says

`A man who allegedly masturbated onto a computer screen, keyboard and chair in Morgan Library called the accusation against him a “witch hunt” by overzealous library officials.

A witness says he’s sure Fort Collins resident Larry Holgerson, 48, is the man who ejaculated in Room 165 in the library late last month, according to a police report. [..]

Holgerson says he was in Room 165 of Morgan Library on Jan. 27, but denies masturbating and says the accusation against him is ridiculous.

“For him to conclude that I have the ejaculatory capacity to hit the screen is ludicrous,” he said in an interview with the Collegian on Friday afternoon. “At 48, I don’t have the distance.” [..]

“What a nightmare this is,” he said. “This whole thing is turning out to be a nightmare for someone who just wanted to use the library.”‘

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