Saturday, February 25, 2006


Child’s cry draws cop’s attention in parking lot

`A Wichita man shouting abuse and throwing groceries in a Sam’s Club parking lot didn’t know he had an audience.

He had an audience, all right: Kelly Otis, a homicide detective, walked past just as the man appeared to hit his 11-year-old daughter in the forehead with a box of frozen chicken. [..]

“The guy started crying and told me he was sorry and was just having a bad day,” Otis said. “I told him that was a horrible excuse, and that his day was about to get worse.”

When Otis looked inside, he saw a 1-year-old girl sitting in a car seat, and another girl, age 11, with a red lump growing on her forehead. She was crying.

Otis asked her what had struck her. She pointed. One corner of the 2 -pound box was broken from striking her in the head.

Otis said the childrens’ mother told him: “I didn’t do anything.”‘

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