Tuesday, February 28, 2006


How To Build A UFO

`This is a design of how to build a real UFO. On the ceramic mold that can be something as simple as clay mixed with fine sand and water or more complex. Homemade jet engines can be used to cure the mold and melt the metal but remember its not thrust that is needed it is heat(BE CAREFULE). For heat lower the RPM’s of the jet engine and increase the fuel flow. If your going to build and operate jet engines PLEASE talk to people who have experiance with such matters. An exploding jet engine will KILL YOU and whom ever you have around. Your family, kids, or friends. Be careful. Jet engines are very much simple machines to build with very few parts but they are dangerous. Also, coal or both coal and jet engines(much safer for newbie’s or turbin fans and coal is much more safer.) to cure the mold and fire it. Coal can be homemade too and its cheaper than buying it. Jet engines can be made with a home foundry and coal or just buy the parts and put them together or just order them out right. And last, depending on how much heat planed to throw at the mold and how big the UFO is it may be necessary to throw up a kiln around it. The kiln can be designed as necessary.’

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