Thursday, March 9, 2006


Intel invents 5GHz stock cooler

`Intel has created a self-contained watercooling unit that will enable the latest Pentium Extreme Edition chips to hit 5GHz with ease.

The cooler has come out of Intel’s engineering department, which is staffed with a bunch of enthusiasts who have been trying to push the envelope at Intel to try and get the firm to move away from its ‘overclocking is bad, mmmkay’ stance.

The team, led by thermal mechanical engineer Gavin Stanley, spent an awful lot of time looking at current watercooling kits and systems on the market. They all shared several flaws, he told us: that they were complex to assemble, had a short life, consisted of too many different parts and used flimsy tubing.

The goal of his team, he laid out, was to come up with a more robust, reliable and efficient way of watercooling the processor.’

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