Sunday, March 12, 2006


The Worst Web Design Techniques in 2005

`In 2005, Web Pages That Suck featured 293 Daily Suckers. Of that total, I considered 117 bad enough to be possible candidates for the “Worst Web Design Techniques Featured on Web Pages That Suck in 2005.” The short list consisted of 57 sites.

After viewing the “winners” you’ll probably say to yourself, “I’ve seen worse web site car wrecks than what’s here.” Contrary to public perception, Web Pages That Suck (WPTS) does not just feature web design car-wrecks. If I just wanted car wrecks, I’d put up only sites created with Microsoft FrontPage. These sites have at least one major problem that’s seen over and over again. Now that you’ve seen them, don’t make the same mistakes.’

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