Wednesday, March 22, 2006


As Japanese Bring Work Home, Virus Hitches a Ride

`With almost daily reports of more private information being pumped from personal computers and splashed over the Internet, there is a growing unease that Japan is under insidious attack from within.

The culprit is a digital worm that infects computers using the file-sharing Winny software, a Japanese computer program that, like the infamous Napster, was designed to allow people to easily swap music and movie files. [..]

The list of betrayed secrets is long and getting longer: personal details of 10,000 prisoners from a Kyoto prison officer’s computer; information about crime victims, informants and statements from suspects uploaded from a policeman’s home computer; access codes to 29 airports from an airline pilot’s PC; and the details of surgical procedures on 2,800 patients at a private hospital from the computer of a clerk. All have found their way onto the Internet.’

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