Tuesday, April 4, 2006


457-Pound Woman to Be Cremated after Weeks in Morgue

`A woman whose 457-pound body sat in a morgue for more than a month during a dispute over the cost of her cremation will be cremated within the next few days, officials said Thursday.

Charlotte Ann Blue died Feb. 6, but she wasn’t immediately cremated because Dallas County and the crematorium it contracts with disagreed over the extra dollar per pound charged for bodies weighing more than 300 pounds.

Blue’s son, Sam Roberts, said he believed his mother had been cremated under a county indigent plan until he called to get a death certificate.

“That’s when I was informed that for the last two months she’s been sitting in the deep freeze at the medical examiner’s office because the crematorium that does business for the county says, ‘Oh well, she’s too big (and) too fat,” he told WFAA-TV on Wednesday.’

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