Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Man Assaulted Girlfriend Over Game

`An arrest warrant was issued Sunday for an Allentown man who police say took dominos to a violent extreme.

Reynaldo Nieves, 38, of 25 Cleveland St., allegedly attacked his girlfriend, Ana Alicea, early Sunday after she and her sister won their third game of dominos at 1045 Livingston St., Bethlehem, police said. [..]

According to the police report, Nieves and his friend Danny Ortiz were ”having a nice time” playing dominos with Alicea and her sister Glenda Alicea. but during the fourth game, Nieves, who the report said had been drinking, accused Ana Alicea of cheating. He then cursed at her, threw a domino at her and punched her in the face before jumping on top of her, the report states.’

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