Saturday, April 22, 2006


Disk Array to the test

`At a distance of about 40 feet, a .308-caliber bullet traveling 2,900 feet per second barely slows down as it punches through a piece of metal. But what happens when you put a refrigerator-size piece of computer hardware in its path?

At a high-tech ballistics center managed by National Technical Systems (NTS) in Camden, Arkansas, HP engineers are about to find out. On one side of the control room: a custom-made mounted rifle barrel that delivers bullets to a target with pinpoint accuracy. On the other side: an HP StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array thatís operating under a full production load and streaming high-quality videos to nearby monitors. An NTS ballistics expert in the control room is ready to electronically fire the weapon. The fate of the hardware will be determined in a fraction of a second.’

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