Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Not a lot of updates lately..

I haven’t been updating much lately ’cause I’m in the middle of moving my blog from Blogger to a locally hosted WordPress database. So, if there’s not enough news posted on the site to keep you interested at the moment, check back in a week or two and things should be back to normal.

SQL is kinda interesting, btw. Parsing and formatting strings so the SQL database likes them is far less interesting. [sigh] But I think I’m almost done with that bit of it.

The site has been breaking every now and then whilst I’m fucking about with the PHP backend, but there’s no need for alarm [unless you like alarm, in which case, go right ahead]. If you visit over the next little while and see an SQL or PHP error, just give it five minutes and refresh the page and it should all be good again.

And now, because I’m drunk, here’s an SQL query some of you might like:

INSERT INTO yo_momma (state, value, value_size, value_unit) VALUES (‘hot for it’, ‘my cock’, ’12’, ‘inches’);

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